App description: Experience and discover HELLA´s lighting systems in this innovative App. Drive with HELLA´s lighting systems through the night and discover their benefits.

The App includes an interactive 3D information section, as well as a special 3D night drive. Select the right HELLA lighting system for the given road section and race against time. HELLA lighting systems are designed to help you detecting obstacles early and let you finish your race safely.

Avoid obstacles, save time and score! But be aware, even the same course differs from round to round. Surprise guaranteed!

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I'm really very sorry, but I had to. Commence "Nachtfahrt" comments in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

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Well, in the game's defense, there's nowhere in the description that mentions that. That's my own addendum
And an excellent addendum it is.

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