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AMA - LIVE on youtube - Milky Q&A

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01-31-2013, 03:06 PM
AMA - LIVE on youtube - Milky Q&A

Hi all!

Hope you don't mind me pimping this out, but tomorrow sat about 2pm GMT I'll be doing a live broadcast of my weekly Q&A / AMA over here on my YouTube channel.

I did a ton of these (but not live) last year, and 'series 02' is all live. I really enjoy answering questions, will answer anything (as long as the answer isn't too rude) and I'd love it if you guys got involved. I'll lurk on here gathering all the questions you ask.

As a starter, I launched Crunch: The Game & Hard Lines on iOS, and am working on a shooter called Lazarus and a brick-smasher called Smash The Block.

Fire away!

Oh, and before I go, the videos get auto-uploaded after they're done, so even if you miss the live broadcast, you'll get to see the video anyway

Follow me on twitter: @SpiltMilkStudio
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