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The Wonderful World of Gaming

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02-02-2013, 06:46 PM
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The Wonderful World of Gaming

So many people doubt gaming in society. They bash it, hate it, attack it and pee on it. To those people I ask, Have you ever slayed a dragon? I have. Have you ever flew a ship in space to defend against an alien horde? I have. Have you ever explored tombs in search for great treasures? I have. Have you ever tossed a bird at a pig? I have.

Gaming is the new reading. Before gaming people had to use solely their imaginations. Today, we use imagination and have the means to interact with those imaginations. And the best part is we get to see othe people's imaginations come to life. The benefits of gaming are vast, much more then the cons. From teaching someone hand eye coordination to expanding our thought processes, gaming is here and will always be here.

I am a gamer dad who does believe that games can influence bad choices in children. But they can influence much more good choices. In this case the good does out weigh the bad. When it comes to kids all it takes is proper parenting. While your kid is inside playing games, his chances of being kidnapped, hit by a car, joining a gang and more are cut nearly in half. Then again fat boy needs to get out and play. Balance is key.

But how amazing is it in the year 2013 we have the ability to show others our thoughts and not just tell them about em? Amazing! I have fought dinosaurs, battled wizards and smacked a few "hoes" and I'm alive. Games are like our dreams. Many things happen in dreams but ultimately you wake up and are safe. Our dreams happen as a means of our brains processing our daily thoughts and as a defense mechanism. We expand this by reading, watching and gaming as well as interacting with loved ones and other gamers.

Imagine what people would have thought of gaming in say, times of Jesus. Or ancient Greece. Or the time of the Vikings. Every single time I just mentioned would react in one of two ways. 1. Your a witch and you would be burned at the stake. 2. They would be amazed and speechless. All this gaming stuff happened in around 60 years or something like that. Imagine the future. Imagine what gaming will be like 20 years from now or even 40.

Appreciate what you all have today. Officially right now, you are the newest of mankind and alive during a time of constant change and wonderful inventions from a wonderful mankind. Ignore....no, don't ignore, set aside the bad that people do from time to time and love the fact that we live in a world where the majority of that world has the ability to share their thoughts and dreams with us, via entertainment media. Gaming.

Just a random rant here.

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