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Universal control pad

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02-03-2013, 01:07 PM
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Universal control pad

I am sorry if this has been discussed somewhere already, but I did use search to no avail.

As most of my gaming needs have been switched to iOS and as it's now my main / only gaming system I am looking for a way to enhance it more.Even though I got used to touch controls, I still prefer "solid chunk of plastic/metal as controller, and looking at my old SNES and PSX controller this need for controller while playing intensifies even more.
So now, I did some research into popular ones.Most people own iCade stuff if I'm correct, but I'm not that much appealed by idea to turn iPad into an full-fledged arcade machine.On the other hand , there is gamer duo ( which has high price and is compatible only with Gameloft games) and 8 bitty ( which looks old school which I like, but then again is not compatible with all games). I also found iControlPad 2 from Kickstarter page that seems to be compatible with iOS and all apps on it ( can someone verify that ?).

I would appreciate if people from forum , that have much more experience with different kinds of controllers for iOS , would post their opinions / reviews of all controllers they owned or just compile a list of all available controllers for iOS.
Thank you.

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