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Bemuse - (by Fluttermind)[Universal]

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02-05-2013, 01:50 PM
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Bemuse - (by Fluttermind)[Universal]

Here you are, folks. The first Demon concept for Bemuse. There is no name or gender attached. It is a Demon. Its name is unpronounceable .. and you probably wouldn't want to mess with that anyway.

I want to create a weird, juxtaposed sense of awe and 'awwww!' with these beings. They each have their own personalities, and different people will have different opinions about them dependent on their experience, past dealings, socio-political viewpoints and so on.

The main influences here are, believe it or not, moths and Glenn Marshall's generative art:

Bemuse's Demons are neither 'good' nor 'evil' in a traditional sense. They are utterly alien entities that should provoke a sense of... caution and mistrust. They are Demons and serve their own ends. Any good they do you is entirely co-incidental...

...and the costs may well be unpleasant.

If I can, I'd like to do something very different, and force players to tweet to the deities during the day in return for their rewards... or otherwise have the game follow them into real life.

I'd be doing it to creep players out, and have them think about the game even when they're not playing it.

Imagine being told: "Between dusk and dawn thou must tell me Dr Dee's most esteemed patron. Do this, and I shall grant thy boon." Could be cool. We shall see.


With Incoboto, the decision on 2D or 3D was extremely easy. I didn't have a 3D engine! In this case, since I'm using Unity, I have the option to alter my skill set and move toward making the game 3D, and more like the kind of cute stop-motion animation I grew up with (Moomins etc). This is a considerable challenge, and not to be taken lightly.

As such, I'm stuggling with the choice of full 3D or 3D plus some sprites. If I go for the full 3D, I don't know how well things like my Demons will translate. If I go for 'sprites in 3D' then it looks a little strange when rotating... and doesn't play to the strengths of mobiles, as overdraw/alpha is expensive'.

If you have any opinions, or comments, please let me know. Would 3D be a disaster in your eyes?