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The great TA forum story

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02-07-2013, 12:58 AM
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The great TA forum story

Classic forum game this..pretty much, we all write a story

Rule 1: Don't talk about fight club

Rule 2: One sentence per post (amount of words 3>words>30)

Rule 3: Don't double post

Rule 4: Stick to the story - no random statement or talking about other parts of the story unless accompanied with a line of the story

Rule 5: Keep to the forum rules - No language, no strong sexual references, no graphic violence

Rule 6: You don't have to stick to the world of iOS gaming, or anything the game the story is currently based on - if it can make sense in the story, it's fine

Rule 7: Don't turn this into an flame war or troll on purpose to ruin the story

Rule 8: Never, EVER finish the story. This story shall go on forever, or until we eventually lose interest

I'll add extra rules later on when they come to mind, and once I read posts. Lets start:

One day, in the land of Tyreas....