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Where did i go wrong with my puzzle game?

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02-08-2013, 12:47 AM
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Where did i go wrong with my puzzle game?

Hi everyone reading this!

Let me begin with a bit of information about myself. I started IOS developing last year November. I wanted to make a game like trainyard express and I came up with Monster Catch. I need alot of direction as im quite lost

Full Version

Lite Version

Problem 1)
Now i am pretty sure this isn't a terrible game but after about 4 days of selling i had 100 sales for lite and 4 paid..Yes thats right.4 sales. I have had no sales since and i am a bit lost about what went wrong

Problem 2)
I tried getting into contact with about 10-15 reviewers however only one (Applicious) has replied and offered a deal for $750 which i didnt do.

Is my game terrible?
Why have my game sales gone dead flat? Why is my app so invisible?
Does my icon suck?
Why does no app reviewer respond to me when i try get in touch with them? Is there a secret to it?

Thank you all for reading!