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Need help to make ios my main gaming platform

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02-08-2013, 07:05 PM
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Need help to make ios my main gaming platform

Hi guys
The reason I'm posting is to get help finding , say half a dozen or so GREAT games for my ipad4. The reason being I'm 35yo, live with my wife & 2 kids in a very small house... It's just not realistic to be playing games for hours on end- not much time to myself. But, the ipad is great how I can take it anywhere + ifi get questioned why I'm not watching my wife's favtv show with her I say I'm doing assignments or working on it (quickly hiding from screen gbw lol)

So, I really need help choosing a few great games from my fav genres. Like I said I don't have time to waste testing loads of games, just need to get a few ones ill love every now & then.

My fav genres are RPGs (western & jrpg), platform, rts (got starfront & c&c), adventures, puzzle, strategy.. I guess just NOT fps... Not my thing.

I have starfront, c&c, the room, gbw, tiny troopers, gta3, infinity blade 2, swordigo, bastion ... Loads of other free or cheap ones too that quickly get deleted.

Any advice what to look for?
What's a few great RPGs?
Most of the ports seem to get less than favourable reviews.

Any "must haves" I'd love to know about.

Oh, one last thing- I've never played a MMO... Are there any ones that good on ios?

Thanks for your time