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Old 02-09-2013, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by iPadisGreat View Post
Final Fantasy I-IV (really unsuitable if you have limited time to play as they are not bite sized)
Um, how are they unsuitable? I have completed and absolutely loved Final Fantasy III and it has a suspend autosave anywhere. You can shut it down at a moment's notice and not lose anything when you start it up again. My first Final Fantasy and a great game, IMHO.
FF1, which I picked up after this, I didn't like, personally.

I second The Bard's Tale - it is a pretty streamlined action RPG, but if the humor works for you, it is very entertaining. Excellent voice-acting, too, and of course, being a port, it is fully-featured, with lots of content.

I'd also recommend The Shining Force by Sega, with a cave-out that it is a Genesis port and that I have no clue how it looks on an iPad. But the gameplay is great and made me a fan of SRPG genre.

With the same cave-out that I don't know how they look on an iPad, The Quest and it's myriad expansions and Undercroft are homages to old first-person WRPGs. The first has a Lite, IIRC and the second is free now, check them out.

Broken Sword series
Monkey Island series
All the TellTale games series
The Last Express
Yea. Also "Ghost Trick". A very unique game, with great presentation and an interesting take on puzzle design. Excellent port. You can play the first 2 chapters (from 20, I think) for free, but keep in mind that the first chapter is pure tutorial.

There is also, arguably, "Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney", which is a bare-bones port of a great DS game, but Capcom has been promising a HD port of it for a long time, so I don't know if it is worth it picking it up.

There is also "Beneath a Steel Sky" from the same studio that made the Broken Sword games. A very good game that, IIRC, wasn't optimized for iPad, but may still look well enough. I think that there may be a Lite, so you can check.

Re: Telltale games, apart from the Monkey Island ports, personally, I really enjoyed the "Hector" trilogy, published, but not made by them. It has rather crude, but IMHO very funny humor and I like the puzzle design.

I also really liked the story and presentation of the 2 "Puzzle Agent" games. They are more Layton-likes than pure adventure games and the puzzles themselves are mediocre, IMHO, but for me they were still very worth it.

Further, I liked the first episode of "Back to the Future", though it did stutter a bit on iPad 2 and I have played and enjoyed a couple of episodes of "Sam and Max" on PC.
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