App description: A new turn-based Role Playing Game in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre.

Created by Eric Kinkead

In QuestLord you assume the role of a lone hero out to save the Shattered Realm from certain destruction!


Dungeon crawling action!
Screen swiping combat!
More than just DUNGEON CRAWLING action!
Explore vast worlds and over 160 maps!
Not just trapped in a dungeon, explore wilderness and cities!
Level up by crushing your foes and finishing Quests!
Nonlinear gameplay!
Perma-Save game system with 3 game slots!
3 races to choose from Human, Dwarf, Elf!
Over one hundred NPCs to interact with!
Each race has their own starter location, making gameplay feel fresh and unique!
18 different quests!
Secrets to uncover!
Detailed pixel style art!
Over the top animations for your defeated foes!
Quickgame - a Perma-Death Rogue-Like to jump into uniquely random generated dungeons immediately!
Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards!!!
Auto-Mapping and large detailed world map!
A wizard named Throzdin!!!!

LavaLevel's comments:
And my game QuestLord is now available in the app store!

02-09-2013, 10:50 PM
Originally Posted by rpgmind View Post
I ssssecond that on the shield- I was getting smacked around till I got a shield and used it. Makes a big difference, just watch for when it gets knocked down.
But if you start as an Elf to get the intelligence bonus for magic, what's the point in carrying a shield? You can't use your spell book anymore right? Maybe I should just start over as a human or something. I keep getting owned. My attacks are pretty weak...

Is there a special way of attacking? I feel like my attacks to pretty weak damage. A lot of the times it's 2-6 and then randomly I'll get a critical hit or something. Is this just random or can you increase your chances of doing more damage during a fight somehow?
02-09-2013, 11:19 PM
Oh right- sorry I started as human, and have putting points into bravery & cunning for attack & evade. I do keep a spell book handy, but only for teleport. Sorry I'm not of much help, though I am a ways in and I have seen some interesting looking spells and magic based eq.

02-09-2013, 11:39 PM
I started Elf and doing ok. Make sure you upgrade your weapons and armor as soon as possible.
Also, I found the spell book in the first minute or two of the game. The spells seem to be pretty powerful. Make sure you heal as well. Although I guess that's obvious.
02-09-2013, 11:47 PM
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I played as a dwarf (dwarfs start with the shield and low magic points) but pumped points into magic and it worked (eventually 46 spell points at level 10) so don't feel too bound to class origin. Granted that was in beta before shield bash was around but it shows you can tweak your character quite a bit. Too bad you can't use shield AND magic but there's got to be a balance to maintain diversity/challenge.
02-10-2013, 12:55 AM
Anyone know where the quest giver for the blue shard is? I thought I found it around the ice giant area but I've gone long past that now and haven't seen it. All the while it sits in my inventory, mocking me!
02-10-2013, 01:46 AM
Eric are u the only one who worked on the game? did you have anyone to help you with music or story or any other thing like That?
Yes I did it all. lol. But thats not entirely true. I had an awesome squad of testers. Chief among them, undeadCow then there is Dylan sorry D, forgot your forum handle and too many others to mention.

But all of the programmer/art/code & sound things I did myself. And that is why I am having a wee bit of a time catching up here. Thank all of you for being so patient with me. I haven't even had a chance to update THE GAME website to link the game for download?!

"How could that be what about submission time?" During that time I collected as much data as I could on the ahemandroid.. release to get my update ready. And very unfortunately the update required a PATCH for your games. Not to worry, but a guy out in China found a dead spot! fixed.

So if you encounter a spot where your game locks permanently, I know where it is and I have created a patch. Its rare to hit, but just enjoy quickGame if you hit it and update will fix you up after that. Also some other anomolies will be fixed. They will all be listed on the update. massive grammar fixes. And yes.. fine The wizard Throzdin has relented on spellbook being one word, that shall now be two.(grumble) And happiness shall reign over the land!

Ok, on that note getting late. Prob should get some sleep, but I am going to run through the game as fast as I can to tripple check these fixes.

Anyone know where the quest giver for the blue shard is? I thought I found it around the ice giant area but I've gone long past that now and haven't seen it. All the while it sits in my inventory, mocking me!
hmmm.. if you really want to know...

The game has 18 Quests and 1 Overall story quest that is only given through clues. You might want to go and find a place (that you will remember) to stash that thing if it keeps calling your name!

And yes in QuestLord your equipped items determine more of your 'class' at that moment (wizard/fighter) And just like Gandalf wizards can wield swords and in this you can also wear armor. But the Shield/Spell_book is offset with either or.

So glad you guys are going through this. And thanks again for bearing with me and being patient. I will have more updated instruction stuff, also on that page will be a list of known bugs/issues (hence why doing it online was a good thing).

But for now guys... I must get some rest. Thanks again!

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02-10-2013, 01:52 AM
How big is this game? What's the map size? How long do you need to finish all quests?
02-10-2013, 02:40 AM
Thanks for the tip, Eric! This game is great. Lost the weekend to it.
02-10-2013, 03:27 AM
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was ignoring this game since it looks like something i'd play on a phone over my ipad... turns out it's on Android so im thinking of getting it for my S3...

is this comparable to The Quest? I need to know abit more about this game b4 i buy it ._.

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02-10-2013, 06:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Primoz View Post
How big is this game? What's the map size? How long do you need to finish all quests?
There are 160ish maps with 18 quest; the developer said someone in beta completed the core game in 16 hours with some hints/tips. I know I sunk more time than that into it. Each map a fairly complex tunnely maze; some with teleports, split across multiple access points, and scattered loot. There is also a roguelike quick play mode to toy around in.
Originally Posted by Drexiel View Post this comparable to The Quest? I need to know abit more about this game b4 i buy it ._.
Questlord and The Quest are both turn based first person dungeon crawlers with similar influences. They both have relatively similar control schemes but QuestLord uses a swipe based combat mechanic. As you might infer from the screenshots QuestLord has a more retro artdesign but with more polished animations. The Quest is a definitive achievement of mobile gaming with mind numbing expansive content developer over multiple devices; QuestLord is a one man show... QuestLord is not lacking but it's hard to compare them directly. If you enjoy The Quest, as I do, then there is a great chance you'll love QuestLord. QuestLord will probably not dethrone The Quest but you will get more than your $1.99 out of QuestLord.

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