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Are you tired of gaming community too?

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02-11-2013, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry Hannahan View Post
I'm tired of how "Console Gamers" look down on "iOS Gamers" it's the "I'm better than you syndrome". They think just because a game doesn't cost $60 dollars its gonna suck and be lame. Dead Space is a great game and I also like Mass Effect:Infiltrator and Shadowgun. I just don't get the snobby attitude many console enthusiasts have against the iOS platform. Screw them I say. Let them sink $60 into a game with IAPs.
Try being a console owner when PC gamers exist. Far worse.

Regarding the topic at hand... read reviews for information and not opinions. Look for any bugs that occurred, estimated length of game, number of characters/levels, extra modes, supported audio, etc. These are all factual and if you've been playing games a long time then you'll know what sounds good to you. The rest is babble.

I check out Metacritic to get a rough consensus on how a game was received, as there's a good chance that if everybody scored it low, it's genuinely not a great game. But I still keep in mind my personal preferences and know there are a few genres I'll enjoy regardless of reception.

I also read other reviews, but mainly just to pick up information as stated above, rather than to find out if the reviewer enjoyed it. It's important to know where your priorities lie too. If they state the game is 50+ hours in length but suffers from an uninspiring soundtrack and deduct points because of that, I'll know their final score isn't something I'll agree with... but I like the sound of those 50 hours.

Essentially I'm constructing my own personal review out of existing ones. I'll pay attention to negative points, but mainly ones that are also mentioned in positive reviews as they're more likely to be honest criticism.

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