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So a free demo can cut your sales in half???

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02-11-2013, 09:03 PM
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So a free demo can cut your sales in half???

Hey guys.

So, I was currently wrapping up the finishing touches on the demo for my upcoming game CastleAbra, when I stumbled across this video:

Jesse Schell - Full Keynote Speech.

His claim is that a demo will usually diminish whatever enthusiasm the customer had when he first learned about your game. He argues that if you give an interested customer no recourse but to buy your game, he will be more likely to do so.

He also shows a slide clearly showing how (on average) games with no demos will literally double the sales of games with demos.

So now I'm left wondering if I should even release (a completed) demo for our game.

I'd love to hear others opinions and experiences with demos and how they've affected sales.

I should mention that the plan for our game was to send out our press release along with a demo, and a new, snazzy trailer in the next week or so. Our game will be available on iOS for 3 dollars (I know, I know) and on PC for 10. I'd argue that a higher priced game should have a demo, but the games he referenced were Xbox live games which sell for a good chunk of change.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, if you have the chance, watch the whole video. He makes a lot of good observations on where this industry is headed.


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