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. What you have to do is scroll by highlighting, which is very taxing.
Actually, you can scroll by putting 2 fingers on the screen in the text box and scrolling normally.

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Actually, you can scroll by putting 2 fingers on the screen in the text box and scrolling normally.
Good I'll try that, thanks for the hint. Is there somewhere a list of commands?

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On sale now for $4.99.
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Yes, definitely enjoying this game a lot after getting it - it requires careful thought and strategy, true, which might scare casual gamers. But simple unit management and knowledge of terrain and unit advantages/ disadvantages should be enough.

Im currently at the mission where you fight 2 of the 4 (Millia and the Blaze Duke) and after beating it, and then reading a walkthrough on GameFAQS it seems its possible to recruit one of them in this mission! Anyone manage to recruit either one successfully? I'll repeat this mission again as I dont want to miss on this chance!

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To buy or not to buy ?

Any impressions of this game on newer devices? Any bugs left ? Wasn't updated for a long time ...
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I really liked this game, but I quit at some point, since I had no clue what to do and got killed everytime almost instantly, so I deleted the game..
Maybe they fixed some issues, didn't keep track of it anymore.
02-17-2013, 11:12 AM
I completed and liked it on an iPod 2g back then, but IMHO, there is too little variation in missions and the tactical system kinda runs out of steam towards the end. It is quite interesting in the beginning/middle, though.
They also made a valiant effort with the story, with picture panels and everything, but it is quite ridiculous, in entertaining or annoying way depending on your tastes.

No clue how it works on newer iOSes/hardware or in fact what the HD version is like. Sorry.

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