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50k$ budget. What services are worth the money?

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02-20-2013, 06:52 AM
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50k$ budget. What services are worth the money?


My name is Mike and Iím responsible for promoting new games in my company. We had a one big hit that managed to bring us quite a significant income. Weíve been able to create a much bigger and complex game with the money we earned and itís slowly getting close to release date. (Approximately 3-4 months)

Since my efforts brought great success in the past, Iíve been put in charge of creating a marketing plan again.

Now Iíve been given a proper budget of up to 50k $. I have a really nice plan that worked well with our previous game, but the issue is that every action I took promoting the previous game was free or close to free.
I believe that the consensus is that proper budget is important for app success and can bring good return, but I donít want to spend it on not worthy services. I also believe that making a concentrated and big campaign in a short amount of time is more important that doing some stuff her some stuff there a month apart.

Let me tell you slightly more about the game weíre working at. Itís a really big Hack and Slash RPG game set in a fantasy world, the graphics are not as beautiful as Infinity Blade II but it holds really really well. As all H&S it has hordes of monsters, dozens of spells, special skills, a proper multiplayer mode with co-op, PvP, PvM. The story is not our main focus, so it may not be very deep but itís entertaining nevertheless. So Iím not worried about quality of the game. I believe that it will gain interest of the big review sites and I also believe that it will get great scores. Because it's awesome. Whatís also cool is that it will be almost at the same time available on PCs/Macs/IOs/Android, do we get some synergy from being cross-platform. (User sees game on Android, tells his friend on iPhone etc.)

So after a significant amount of research Iíve came with these options of using our money. I think I should mention that we will sell it for at least 5$ probably more with no IAPs. I tried to push the freemium way but the lead designer is heavily opposed. This is what I got.

- Banner ads Ė siteskins on major sites (Touch Arcade, App Advice, 148Apps, etc.) That would cost about 20k$ for a week. Not sure how well they do with paid apps.
- PPI networks, technically we could pay 3,5 dollars for every install and still break even so we could dump much more money here, take some loans. Not sure about traffic they can bring though.
- Contests for users with small prizes on Facebook for sharing (Amazon or iTunes gift cards)
- Mobile ads on Facebook/admob/ other ad networks
- Getting initial reviews on sites like promoarrow or fiverr, may not be totally worth it but user will more likely buy an app that costs 5$ and has 50 good reviews than no reviews

This is what I came up with, I donít write about obvious stuff like creating a webpage, fanpage, asking for reviews, offering exclusive content for biggest sites, writing and distributing press releases because itís covered in the free stuff marketing plan.

I've seen the 15k-30k topic. It was very informative and gave me few ideas but I got a vibe that the game was a freemium game. Ours is a premium model and I think that it should be treated and marketed differently than a freemium or $.99 app.

If anyone had some experience working with bigger budget, or with any of the services I mentioned above and could share their insights I would be extremely grateful. Or maybe you know of some other services and ways to promote a game that are worth the dollar spend. Or maybe you work at one of these and want to convince me to bring business to you.

Thank you in advance for your insights! Sorry for wall of text