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Rolando 2 - Best Sequel Ever

07-02-2009, 09:44 PM
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Rolando 2 - Best Sequel Ever

ngmoco and HandCircus have released Rolando 2 Quest for the Golden Orchid, anticipated sequel to the original Rolando.

The adventure kicks off at Rolandoland where Sir Richard has returned from one of his adventures. He goes to tell the King and the Queen the exciting news, but was not aware that he had brought back the Kilogorean Flu, which makes the Sages sick. The only known cure is the golden orchid and Sir Richard sets off to look for it. You also have a whole new set of characters to play with, some with special abilities.

The key difference on this sequel (other than the story line) is that it is 2.5D , unlike it's 2D prequel. This time around you must navigate your 2D Rolando's though the 3D world of the mysterious island. This fits in perfetly with Rolando, and makes the game all more beautiful. You must navigate though the rich world and solve puzzles. The camara angles also help out as well, helping you get the view angle to get. Though there is a bit of a "camera zoom" problem, it's minor and should not get in your way a lot.

One thing that is back from the first version are the controls. The controls seemed perfect for the game, and were simple, just right. Tilt to move, swipe up to jump. You tap a Rolando to choose to control it or draw a box over the Rolando's you wanted to control. Although this time around the controls are back, more has been added to make this a much better game. This time you can controls lasers, arrows, and other good stuff as simple as by having your Rolando stand on the switch and moving around your finger on the designated spot. This keeps the controls simple yet add a lot more content. One special Rolando loves chilis......eat chilis and the Rolando gets huge and can float around. Again, very simple. Tilt to control, swipe up to go back to normal. You also have a "wheel of death" which you hop into and crush your enemies with:

The music is a great part of the game. Rolando 2 features a beautiful soundtrack by 'Mr. Scruff'. It keeps you in the "Rolando Mood" and fits in perfectly with the game, and each zone you are in. The game has a interactive 'Music Shack' which you can go into and (by controlling a Rolando) move around and tap to listen to the track you taped on. You can also tap that track again and it will take you to iTunes where you can buy the track.

Gameplay is smooth, I believe HandCircus said at 30FPS. This makes the gameplay experience smooth, and does not bother you or mess you up. The game's artwork is another thing that stands out and is quite beatiful, even more beatiful in 2.5D .

Another thing the sequel features is Plus+. Plus+ is sorta like Xbox Live on iPhone, and this is the second game ngmoco has made "Plus+ enabled". This adds a whole new degree of replayability because you can challenge your friends on particular levels (and you will get a push notification) and even compete online for the best score on the scoreboards.

I highly recommend the game to anyone who enjoyed Rolando 1 or the lite version. This is not the same game with different story, it is a sequel and has many differences and enhancements over Rolando 1. Whether you are a fan of Rolando 1, or have never played it, I highly recommend this polished game.

Closing comments. Rolando 2 is a premium app, a different app itself than Rolando 1, and will keep you coming back for more. The game features 45 challenging levels (believe me they get gradually longer and harder) and more will be added later on as Rolando 3 approaches. Aside from that, because of Plus+ you will keep coming back to the game, to play your friend's challenges and to compete in the scoreboards. The game is fairly priced at $10, and you will get more than $10 worth out of this one. 4.8 / 5 stars.

**I did not rate it 5 stars because there are a few bugs here and there that need fixing. They do not really take away from the game itself but can be annoying on some particular levels.**


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