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Galactic Keep by Gilded Skull Games

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07-03-2009, 08:24 PM
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Galactic Keep by Gilded Skull Games

‘Galactic Keep: Dice Battles’ takes core elements of classic dice and paper role playing games (like dungeon crawling for loot and experience on paper maps, a ‘DM’ style of telling a story and rolling dice to create characters, move and to battle) and translates them into an iPhone experience.

One of the key elements of this game will be the story: we want to create a variety of story ‘missions’ in the first offering that allow quite a bit of replay. To this end, the first five missions that will ship with the game will have many branching story paths that lead to at least multiple 'endings', various different unlockable playable characters, many weapons to equip and special attacks to collect.

Each mission will offer players a different experience: one will have a lot of battles, loot, creatures, enemies and combat. Others will have more exploration, larger maps and a lot of conversation with NPCs. One mission, for example, is a murder mystery on an orbital trading post. Another is a stealth-raid of a reouge laboratory compound within a skyscraper-sized freighter that's sunk partway into a gaseous bog on an uncharted planetoid.

We’re also working on bluetooth battles (to take your leveled-up characters and battle your friends) and downloadable content packs that will include new missions and unlockable playable characters (among other things). We'll post more details here and on our website over the next couple months.

We’re looking at submitting Galactic Keep in 2011. We’d like to heavily beta test this game and we’ll keep you posted as we begin!

Gilded Skull Games

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