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Best Picture Editing App

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01-21-2009, 07:43 PM
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Best Picture Editing App

Hey everyone,

Im a big fan of picture editing i started out with photoshop and now i moved to the iphone, its more fun nothing is as difficult its all easy.... But back to the point, i already have and have had juxtaposer and photogene and i love them both i use them all the time

And then i have a number of sketch apps, like idoodle 2 (for shading and some other nice effects.)

I Also use doodler (could be great but the stamped image quality is terrible unless its at the start size, also crashes way to much, and another flaw is that you cant edit anything to the size of an iphone wallpaper instead its an odd sized rectangle)

Then one more editing app is StereoMaker (makes a nice app for a simple little side by side picture, very nicely done, very simple)
..... So what i would like to know is there any other picture editing app that you all found usefull.....


[EDIT] I found a couple more apps that are kind of interesting, not amazing but handy for some pictures.

Photonasis (has many different effects to add to pictures)

Photo Lab Daily (you can do some nice things with this but once again nothing amazing, not alot of options) - but the big problem is with the unpaid version you can only save one picture a day, but i found a way to get around this, you go to MENU>SETTINGS>EDITOR and then change it from split screen to hover view, then just go back to your edited photo and tap the screen and all the options will disapear and from there you just take a screen shot.

PtPeintuLite (very nice draw app has many options not seen in most of the other draw apps such as a the water drop feature in paint, i dont know whats its called but thats the icon, its really a little to complex for me but if your serious about that stuff is check it out)

And last Old Booth (extremely simple very well polished make the picture look amazingly real)

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