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05-10-2017, 11:58 AM
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Some game tips

Just completed the game today. Generally it is a short game, the "grinding frustration" isn't that bad if you learns the tricks well. Some tips:

1. The 5000 G to unlock the "Avoid encounter" worths it for high-level player. Basically I don't like to encounter enemies in every step (and the game has a lot of back-tracking), so it comes in handy. Save A LOT of times navigating dungeons. And when you have it, all chests are FREE. You won't be able to avoid boss fights though.

Since I know this trick, my party is just before fighting the mystery guy. Since then I only need to fight bosses. Just keep an eye to your level to make sure it's high enough to survive boss.

2. Use Power skills. Those are helpful. I never need to use 3000 - 50% HP trick, but bosses go down fast enough.

3. My strategy is to get the best armor/ sword for Jack (that I can afford). Since mid-game it paid off quite nice (even bosses could only do 1 HP hit). All characters get confused and die, yet Jack is un-killable, so still win in the end.

You don't need the best equipments to win though, so no need to grind for it. Till I complete the game, Jack only has an Iron blade, enhanced armor and hero helmet (the sword was found in dungeons). Use mostly 2 level-2 ice arrow spells to hack the boss. Level-3 spells (multi-target) is handy in dungeons, but its importance reduces when you have the 5000G-avoid-all.

4. Pay the guy at the city of the 3rd family to level up faster. It saves time. You get one free training after 1st mission there.

5. Fight the challengers. With well-equiped Jack, you should win.

6. For the gambling game, save before you take it. The rolling sequence won't change, so just reload if you guess wrong. It's 500G for a level 3 spell (less than half normal price!)

7. Bench one girl. You don't need all of them, so it saves the cost. I'd recommend keeping Bella though.

8. Sell things you don't need. Buy a few potions, mana potions. It will come in handy.
For me, boss fights = Jake attacking + girls' magic + AP Power. So mana-replenishing is important.

9. In case Bella gets silenced, make her defend till it wears out (if you don't have the cure)