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iPad: Muster my Monsters - Local Multiplayer Madness (available on May 28)

05-25-2013, 03:25 AM
Muster my Monsters - Local Multiplayer Madness (available on May 28)

My name is Toni Sala. I'm the full-time indie game developer behind IndieDevStories.com.

I would like to introduce my second iOS game Muster my Monsters. Have a blast fighting in the arena of this hilarious 4-player party game. To deal with this bunch of monsters, the key is to have rapid reflexes, good intuition and master the art of bluffing. And mocking at your rivals!

MmM basic rules are similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, but in MmM we have ruder actions: Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. This is called "balance".

The game is Universal and will be available on May 28 at the App Store. I'm very excited about it! Here you have a gameplay video of the non-WIFI mode (and some screenshots at the end of the post)

"Chuck", Goomerah, Oh-oh-zilla and other celebrity monsters will fight for glory in the battle arena of Muster my Monsters. Well, actually they will fight because this is the will of the Monster Master (aka Musty). Musty is a weird being that comes from... somewhere in the universe. His origin is not clear, actually.

What we do certainly know about him is that he loves playing with his monsters and inviting people to play with them. That is why he has created this game for iPhone and iPad. In Muster my Monsters, up to 4 players can measure their reflexes, intuition and bluffing skills or you can also play versus the CPU if you need some training.

The mechanics are based on a rock-paper-scissors gameplay design and are really simple. Each player controls a monster and every monster is able to perform 3 different actions: Attack, Mock and Dodge. Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. The player who manages to KO all the rivals wins the combat!

Muster my Monsters features two game modes that require completely different skills and play styles:

* Normal mode. Up to 4 players can fight simultaneously using a single device. Fingers, hands and arms everywhere! Muster my Monsters is a contact sport... and this game mode proves it!

* WIFI mode. Up to 4 players can fight simultaneously using their own device which acts as a remote controller connected to the Arena device via WIFI or Bluetooth. In this game mode, you can't see your rivals' next move, so intuition and bluffing are key. Use your mental control capabilities!

By accumulating victories playing any of the game modes you will unlock new monsters. Each one has its own personality and all of them are crazy!

Muster my Monsters has been developed by a tiny but incredibly talented team of two members that have been developing games for more than five years. It has been a long and tortuous development process of almost 8 months... but it was worth the effort! At Indie Dev Stories we are absolutely proud of Muster my Monsters and we are hoping that you enjoy the game as much as we do.

Thank you very much! ":^]

05-25-2013, 03:30 AM
Some nice artwork

And here you have some artwork. Enjoy it!

I will post the remaining images as links (they are quite big):

Chuck: artwork1, artwork2, artwork3, artwork4, artwork5

Smashmallow Man: artwork1, artwork2, artwork3, artwork4, artwork5, artwork6, artwork7, artwork8

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05-25-2013, 10:41 AM
Hmmm...this looks very entertaining! I'm also loving the art!!!