App description: Empire is so tight it squeaks, and I suspect its the best game Ive played this year. - 10/10

"This is the iPad game of the year. Highly polished." - - 9/10

With Empire, Burgun and co. strip back the 4X genre to its fundamental parts, add a few twists of their own, and then chuck in some deck-building strategy for fun. - 8/10

The barbarous tribes who fought amongst themselves for so many aeons are at last able to come together to found a wondrous civilization. Is yours the first of its kind in this world, or one of many? No man knows, but what all men know is that their Empire must not only survive, but flourish!

The world is full of terrible horrors, however, and they will wear away at your Empire from all sides. Natural resources have become more scarce. And perhaps worst of all, your powerful Empire has grown heavy and full of internal strife with its age. How long can you stand the pressures of survival before your Empire finally comes crumbling back down into the desolated earth from which it grew?


EMPIRE introduces the world's first "Deck-Building 4X Strategy Game". EMPIRE is a quick, easy-to-learn yet difficult to master strategy/tactics game. FEATURES:

- Choose from 3 unique emperors to play, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

- Procedurally generated worlds mean that no two games will be alike. Will you find valuable mountains to mine military materials from? Food-rich forests that will grow your Empire quickly?

- A unique take on the deck building mechanism similar to those in Dominion, Puzzle Strike or Ascension. Your deck grows during the game, and it fills with both useful Action Cards, powerful Spell Cards, -- and also totally useless Strife Cards. Managing your deck is an important part of staying strong!

- Dozens of interesting tactical cards featuring excellent art from concept artist Gilles Ketting.

- A unique grid based tactical combat system. Use your Action and Spell cards to get the upper hand and destroy the enemy forces!

- Unlike traditional 4X strategy games which not only take hours, but tend to become slow and boring late game, EMPIRE is a quick, elegant knife-fight of a game.

- Fantastic graphics
- Gather resources and boost your economy
- Create a massive army and defend your fortress

- Designed by indie game design superstar Keith Burgun, creator of 100 Rogues.

We have tons of plans for the game in terms of future content additions, balance patches, extra game modes, and other support.

Please check out our website at:
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keithburgun's comments:

EMPIRE is a super-elegant 4X strategy game that uses elements from deckbuilding games like Dominion or Ascension combined with turn-based tactics. It was just released today on the App Store:

Please check out our website at:
Or come chat with us at our forums:

01-24-2014, 09:24 PM
I finished my first real game. 368 VP on week 237. Currently the 15th highest score for Senator. Cool!
01-25-2014, 05:52 AM

The next version will take a lot of measures to make sure the game gets harder again. Can't wait!
12-24-2014, 11:39 AM
So, the dev in an earlier post said new units can be built from the army button. Has this feature been removed since that comment? The game's brutally hard, can't make it past 50 some VP, towers disappear after they're used, and all the monster lairs have 6 plus units meaning that I instantly lose if I attack one without a full army.

Is building new expansions seriously THE ONLY WAY to get new units, or am I missing something...

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