04-17-2015, 09:28 PM
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If you predict a turn right after you jump off ramps, you can try slightly angling yourself while approaching the ramp instead. I hope the game's physics clicks with you... I really find Riptide GP 2 to be one of the best racing games on the appstore.
Tested again, nope. The controls are botched. In no way can I do a quick off-and-on tap of the 'go' button, in order to control my speed through a turn. My racer is literally trying to perform a stunt while I do this (I'm not even talking about the ridiculousness that occurs after a jump). This should not be happening, as when using zero gyro, and all buttons YOU SWIPE the screen for stunts. Shouldn't be occurring like this.

Are you telling me when I am going through a turn, I literally have to hold the 'accelerator' pedal down, pedal to metal the entire way, to avoid some stupid stunt crap going on? I am not swiping for a stunt. I am literally taking my foot off the d--mn pedal, to control speed more precisely through a turn. Where are the physics in this? VECTOR UNIT - I'm sure you've perfected gyro-play for everyone else, but fix this all-touch button control issue. That is just nonsense. The same crap is happening when landing from a jump--my racer is randomly jumping off the jet for some stupid stunt-landing nonsense.

On numerous occasions, I've expressed this issue. You said you'll look into it. At this point it makes more sense to assume either you haven't looked into it, or you already know this is erroneously occurring with the touch-control precision, and don't think it's important to fix.

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