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Default DayZ - Add Me [Steam]

My stuff gets deleted faster than Taylor swifts boyfriends. Bazing. Long story short I do not run a democracy anymore. Me and a friend or two make decisions for the group. We're still alive. Pm me to meet. You will be surrounded, dropping your gun. Then we will interview. You will be left alive either way. Everyone in my circle has been on their knees with a gun to their head at some point. My best friend irk included. Then he betrayed our beliefs and killed a Bambi. I shot him myself. We got into a fistfight over it. It is not a democracy, but we have a council. They rule all. Council is 9, two founders votes count as two but we respect it when outvoted. So we are really 7. And we have one opening. Any betrayals without reason get you a hunting party. If we are online it gets you a death squad. That includes a member proving blue in blue. I'm gonna be Rick, you're Shane. Anyone interested add xvesunavx on steam, include the message Shane sucks. Just so I know my TA friends.
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