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Upcoming Platform Game: Suzy Cube

08-04-2017, 12:03 PM
Suzy Cube Update: August 8, 2017

Sorry, no multilingual support yet. Figuring out the best way to load stuff and the best format in which to store localization text has proven to be more trouble than I originally expected.

I know, I know, excuses excuses! Truth is, I haven't been concentrating on the game much this week. Little bits of work here and there mostly related to file loading and tester gameplay review have been disrupted by shopping trips as I attempt to cross everything off my wife's and my shopping list before returning to Caracas.

Among a handful of small changes like adjusting the placement of text on the "Stage Cleared" screen for better placement on iPad and iPhone, I did make a rather important change to the order of four of the game's early levels.

Based on feedback from a friend, I decided to swap Level 1-4 and Level 2-3. Both snow levels. Level 1-4 has proven to simply be a bit too difficult as a World 1 level.

Similarly, I've swapped the World 1 and World 2 special levels for similar reasons.

Well, that will, unfortunately, do it for this update. If all goes well, I should be back in Caracas next week. Hopefully, I'll be less distracted once I'm back home! See you all next week.
08-11-2017, 10:32 AM
Suzy Cube Update: August 11, 2017

I'm back home and it shows!
I've got a localization solution up and running and I think I've accounted for all text currently in game.

I settled on CSVs for storing and loading my translation data. Google Sheets makes it super easy to store/edit/export these using separate pages in a single spreadsheet. What's nice is that I've made all pages inherit their left column from the English page, so as I add new entries, all other language pages are automatically updated!

In the game, I simply load the appropriate CSV into a static dictionary using the left column as keys and the right column as values. I wrote a simple static function which takes a string as input, uses it as a key to search the dictionary and then simply returns the result or an appropriate error. This makes it really easy to call from any script which needs to dynamically populate text fields.

For text fields which are populated right in a unity scene...

I wrote a handy little script which I can attach to any object containing a text field. The script simply pulls the content from the text field, feeds it to the translator function and replaces it with the returned result. YAY! So in the shot above, for example, the prefab for the Settings Panel has a text field at the top containing the word "SETTINGS". In the Spanish localization file, the key "SETTINGS" corresponds to the value "AJUSTES". The script takes what's in the field (SETTINGS) and replaces it with the value (AJUSTES). Easy peasy!

Remember folks... If it looks, at all, like your project is going somewhere, don't keep shoving it full of static text. Take the time to properly source your text from external files to save you many more headaches down the road!

ALSO! I fixed a little timing issue I had with these guys...

It was a subtle one too. Depending on how fast the level was loaded, the timing of the beat-blocks would end up offset compared to the music. So, like, loading from the level select screen... probably fine... reloading after death (faster)... de-synced... Booh!

To this I say.. .WHY DID I NOT LOOK THIS UP BEFORE!!?? I literally found an analogue to Time.time called AudioSource.time!!!! I literally just had to search the Unity site for "Timing elements to music"!!!

Do your research, kids!

Anywho. I literally switched out Time.time for AudioSource.time, fixed a small issue it introduced and BAM! problem solved! The beat-blocks now can't de-sync from the music as they get their timing directly from the music's audio source timer!

A nice productive week! I like it!
Check back in next week. I'm hoping to put out a new test build this afternoon, so I'll hopefully have some test-led tweaks to a new set of levels to share with you then.
Until then!
08-18-2017, 02:06 PM
Suzy Cube Update: August 18, 2017

Why, hello there! How good of you to join me!

I have hardly received any videos from the current round of testing which is not what I was hoping. I'm going to have to check my TestFlight stats to see how many installs I've had to see if it's a problem with folks getting the build or not...

So, failing that, I've been doing little bug fixes, keeping 3rd party assets up to date and tweaking physics settings on the project.

I know, right!? Tweaking physics settings!? Well, thanks to a recent post on the Unity blog, I was given a better understanding of what certain settings do. So I changed the project's internal physics timing to better match the target 60fps framerate while also lowering the physics iterations count. This second change should lighten the load on physics calculations at the cost of accuracy. Since Suzy Cube mostly relies on the physics engine only for detection, I figured it would be a safe bet. So far, it looks like the game is running more smoothly on all platforms I've tested... So that's good news!

The only thing this change broke was the behaviour of the Double Jump's float ability. I made some changes to the script and got it back in working order.

The last few days have actually been spent working off script on a feature I had decided to defer a long time ago. Save Slots!

Now, folks sharing a device can each have their own save slot! Since I use PlayerPrefs for saving data, and it all gets saved to a single file, my implementation simply involved adding a suffix to my old keys. So, the key for storing coin total, which used to be "coins" now looks like "slot1coins" or "slot2coins" etc.

I'd say the work was about 50% coding the support for the feature and 50% building the interface for accessing/deleting the save slots.

All properly localized, of course!

Aaaand I've, finally, put ink to paper on a publishing contract! Not ready to announce with who yet, but stay tuned for more on that!

That's it for this week. See you all next Friday!
08-19-2017, 10:16 PM
First, gotta to say, "Save Slots?" Very cool! - I can count on one hand how many iOS games bother to do this.

Are you planning any sort of Game Center (or cross platform) leaderboard integration?

Regarding relative dearth of new test videos, it can be hard finding beta testers that are engaged enough to keep providing feedback across multiple beta refreshes.. maybe even for a game as nifty as Suzy Cube. But a bigger issue may be that:

1) the latest update's changes are more subtle; mostly tweaks to existing levels. I played through each of the designated test levels, but it didn't seem worthwhile for me to bother uploading any of my runs. I'd pretty much mastered all the levels even before the latest changes. For what it's worth, I did spot (most) of the changes, and think they are right on the money.

2) it's a bit painful uploading a video - I mean it can be minutes waiting for EveryPlay to finish submitting.