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03-15-2014, 04:01 PM
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Like Minigore there's 3 quests to finish, but my first one will always be "Sign into Facebook." It would be great if we could say No to that one to open up all 3 options.
Please fix this oversight. I'm not making a Facebook account.

And I would like to receive actual notifications, so... Here's my impression of those useless not-notifications: "Wahhh! Play with me now! Wahhh!"

Sorry about that, but my rudeness there was basically required to indicate what those notifications sound like. They are pointless and annoying. If I turn them off, real notifications turn off too (if the game even has any).

Now imagine all your games doing that!
Mama mia, you haven't played-a Mario in a while!
You're too slow! Sonic wants to play!
Hey! Listen! Hyrule needs to be saved!
Snake? Snake! You haven't played this game for a day?! Snaaake!!!

But seriously... Imagine every single game you own doing that...
Picture the incredible annoyance...
Now, every game developer who does that: You see how pointlessly annoying those notifications are now?

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03-15-2014, 04:42 PM
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Here are some details on strategy for those interested, my previous post was getting long winded:

First, obviously never ever use a Crystal to continue your game. There's no reason to do this and you really need every Crystal for other things. Just don't do it.

The two critically important things to spend crystals on, get them as soon as they become available for your level, are:

1. the doodad that lets you stack two tiles on top of each other (stacking trinket).

2. Diagonal Mastery Orb, available at level 12 really changes the game and allows for more huge combinations as you might expect

The experience bonus stone is probably worth it and you should get it as early as you can although I didn't. The only other item I bought was the residue beacon. It's a nice bonus but I think it's less important than the first two that I mentioned.

It's good to upgrade your health points. I have 30 and that seems like plenty since it's so easy to get health restores by matching green tiles.

I don't really use the magical items (non-weapons) very often. I have over 400,000 manna points in the bank at this point. Weapons seem more useful, especially the Long range type. I would focus on getting additional weapons slots and additional weapon conjuration slots and upgrading your weapon level to keep up with any runes that you find.

Final note for the developers:
if you make a combination that you think is going to unlock a door but the door is not quite completely visible on the screen it doesn't unlock the door. this feels cheap, I think you should change it.

Another thing: if you're working on a nice big combination bonus chain and you accidentally (in one move) make a large combination that also makes a smaller (<5 tile) combination, that breaks the chain. I don't think it should break the chain if that smaller combination is part of a single move.

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03-24-2014, 11:25 AM
I downloaded this a couple weeks back (apparently for free, not sure if there was a sale or something?) but didn't get around to playing it until now.

I'm actually really enjoying it. I have 11 levels completed with 8 levels at Crystal, and I feel like the difficulty curve has been about right so far.

My biggest complaints (already mentioned by others, but worth repeating) are:

1) Facebook integration quests (please, just NO).

2) Not keeping anything when you die on a level. As others have said, it is clearly a bad idea to spend any crystals to revive in a level. I'm sure that the devs purposely don't let you keep anything to try and push you to use crystals, but it sounds like people are just more annoyed than anything. I think that some EXP should at least be kept when you die so I don't feel like I'm banging my head against a wall when trying a level over and over.

3) It's probably way too late at this point, but I feel like the character progression could have been handled much better. I think a system that would allow you upgrade your tile types (i.e. spend 500xp to "level up" your fire tiles so they do more damage, or so they spawn 2x/3x tiles more often) would have been a better way to go. That way I could go back to earlier levels that I had trouble getting a crystal key on with and actually see the progress my character has made. I don't really see upgrading my magic/item slots as "progressing" my character. I can upgrade my HP, sure, but that's only one element of many.

The only real "progress" items are the purchasable ones, which can be significant buffs but are locked behind crystals that take a long time to get.

4) As TheOmen2 mentioned above, when you create a 5+ match but inadvertently make a <5 match in the same move, I feel like this should not break your chain. I've had SO many chains broken this way and it's extremely frustrating.

All in all, the IAP doesn't bother me too much but like I said, apparently I downloaded this one for free. If I had paid $0.99 for this, I would be pretty pissed.

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