Cadostar - free promo codes for itunes!!!

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Cadostar - free promo codes for itunes!!!

CADOSTAR is a physics based puzzle game with 75 levels of simple yet challenging puzzle fun.
Used your skills of timing, accuracy and logic to solve each level.

Drop pieces into the play and try and get the coloured star to hit the corresponding coloured star outline.
Split white stars into the three primary coloured stars.
Use prisms to colour merge primary coloured stars and complete the secondary coloured star outlines.
Blackholes can teleport items and galaxies are used to move objects around the field of play.
When stars interact with white bubbles they float and some objects in play are attached to the suns keeping their obits.
Planets have gravity which can be used to alter the path of moving objects.
Aliens destroy items in play and create alternative paths for you to complete the level.
Sparkly prisms once hit with the white star turn into prisms that fire unlimited additional stars into play.
Finally use the draw button to create additional physics barriers.
With many more levels and functionalities in development!!!


Please see more at our Facebook page including all complete levels and blog about the development process.

Want 1 of 50 promo codes to play for free?
Then like CADOSTAR on Facebook and send a message asking for one.
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Sample game play:
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