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Old 07-21-2014, 04:14 AM
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mmm... I've played this very intensely yesterday, about 4-5 hours I guess. I've finished the tutorial and the first world, 3-starred everything. I have some nice blue gear with 2 violet pieces of armor, upgraded several times. I have yet to hit a paywall, the game seems a bit too easy for me now. Breezing through most Levels without losing much health. Never used a potion in the first "world". Playing the cat and using all my skills tactically for the bigger bad boys or bosses. Using my EX only at bosses, mostly they go down immediately.
But yes, the loot chests you get at the end of each level seem rigged. You always get the crappiest loot.
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Old 08-28-2014, 01:36 AM
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Old 08-29-2014, 06:03 PM
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The chest system at the end of each stage is pure bullshit. Most likely the chances are something like 99% to get the garbage item, 0.8% to get the next most garbage item, and then 0.2% chance to get the rare/epic item. If you use 7 karats to choose again, the chances probably go to 99% second most garbage item, 1% rare item.

Other than that and the extreme amount of IAP crap they have in this game, it wouldnt be so bad. I could deal with the rest if they didnt rig the chances of getting the shittiest items possible.

Open one of those gold/premium chests, and youll most likely get gold. This IAP business model really sucks, i wish a company would just step up and make a good game where you pay money up front and then not again. Or at least make it fair.

Deleting this trash, and id recommend to avoid this game. IAP is only OK when done right.
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Old 10-23-2014, 05:49 PM
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It gets harder as you progress, but they have done some cool things. Once your characters are in the level 30 range, you unlock manual pvp, a pet system (the same pets are shared across all of your characters, very cool) and you can pick a main character and inherit specs of your other characters. Plus the crafting system is robust and fun. The avatars are great too. It's easy to earn karats with patience.
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Old 11-27-2014, 06:33 AM
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Why does it hang saying unleashing the chaos once I load the game!?
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Old 12-02-2014, 05:04 PM
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Default Kritika v2.8.4 Update Information

Hey everyone! Kritika received a new update last week with lots of new content and modifications! Check them out:

New Additional Content

1. Max level has increased from 55 to 60!
- Max skill levels have also increased accordingly.
- Starting from level 55, you will not receive Master Level EXP until you reach the new max level of 60. Once you hit level 60, you will start receiving Master Level EXP again.
2. New Stage: Rion's City Hall
- You can only access this once you clear Vojaca's Golden Wharf in Bane's Harbor on Easy Mode.

3. Avatar Collection Feature Added
- You can check out the new Avatar UI by accessing it through the Shop.
- You can view your current avatar and available avatars all on the same screen!
- You can view the boosts that are applied according to how many characters you have.

4. Gems can now be enhanced and sold in bulk.
- If you have 4 or more of the same-leveled Gems, you can enhance them all at once by checking the option.
- Enhancing your Gems in bulk will give it a 100% probability of success.
- When selling your Gems in bulk, all you have to do is select that option in the menu.
5. Training Pets with multiple equipment at once.
- You may use equipment of the same level to train your Pet.
6. Claiming everything in your inbox at once.
- Only available with [Striker Rewards] and [Stamina Gifts].
7. Master Skill Added - "Sub-Character Experience Increase"
- Starting from Master Level 34, you can increase your sub-character's experience gain.
8. The Tower of Tribulation will also have additional floors going up to 60.

9. New Level 60 Weapons, Armor, and Accessories will be added.

10. Pet max levels will also be increasing to 60.

System Modifications

1. Weapon and Armor crafting material max quantity will increase from 50 to 60.

2. When you receive keys, materials, and tickets, you will be informed of how many you currently have.

3. You may skip the Gem enhancement animation by touching the screen.

4. When selecting stages, you will also have options for Stamina usage.

5. Berserker's skills have been improved…
- Hurricane Slash: Movement speed during the skill has been increased as has its pull on monsters bringing them closer.
- Spiral Strike: The range has been increased and now stuns on the first hit.
- Infinite Grave: You may now change directions during the attack and it also damages Super Armor.
- Crater Leap: The range has increased and it also pulls monsters closer together.
6. Increased probability of obtaining Brawler’s Badges when clearing Monster Waves.

7. The reward for completing all missions has increased from 20 karats to 25 karats.

8. Monster Wave Rewards and Weekly Ranking Rewards have changed.
- 10,000 points -> +1 Gem || 1,500,000 points -> +7 Gem reward
- Just like Monster Wave rewards, Weekly Ranking rewards will also increase.
9. Tower of Tribulation now uses 3 sapphires to begin and the probability of earning gold and gem chest keys has increased.

10. You may now use a friend’s striker as long as they have logged in within the past 30 days (increased from 2 days).
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Old 12-12-2014, 05:14 PM
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Default v2.9 Update Teaser: Crimson Assassin

Hey everyone!

A new character called Crimson Assassin will be joining Kritika, so we thought we would share some info about her before the update:

*Note - Initial weapons will be different from the ones shown in the screenshot.

Here we see the Crimson Assassin on the character selection screen. We know you may be thinking that she looks quite similar to the Cat Acrobat - while that may be true, there is one major difference: the Crimson Assassin strikes their enemy down by using ninja-like skills. She is as agile as cat, but as deadly as an assassin.

Don't let her innocent looks fool you. She's got a very particular set of skills, skills she acquired through years of training...

Crimson Assassin's Skill Set

Shuriken Backlash - Summon a gigantic shuriken to strike the enemy. The sheer force of the shuriken will throw enemies high into the air.

Silent Slaughter - Creep in the shadows and launch a deadly move with lightning speed. Land critical attacks on the enemy. Can break through Super Armor. Excludes episode bosses

EX Feral Strike - Transform a giant shuriken into a wolf's claw and unleash a powerful attack from behind the enemy. This skill uses the EX Gauge which fills up as enemies are attacked.

Meditation - Use extreme concentration to momentarily increase Critical Rate. As the skill level rises, the effectiveness and duration increase as well.

Lumber Blast - Drop a bomb in the form of a log and rapidly retreat. Hit enemies will be stunned temporarily. As the skill level rises, the duration of the stun lengthens as well.

Deadly Ascension - Slash upward to fling surrounding enemies high into the air. Fallen enemies are no exception.

Triple Blitz - Barrel towards enemies with quick, consecutive attacks and finish the move with a powerful blow from behind.

Shadow Assault - Summon shadows to launch a surprise attack on the targeted area. Hit enemies will be stunned temporarily. As the skill level rises, the duration of the stun lengthens as well.

Shuriken Vortex - Throw a giant shuriken at the enemies. Pull in surrounding monsters inward toward the shuriken.

Here are some screenshots of the deadly Crimson Assassin in action:

Crimson Assassin using a giant shuriken to attack her enemies.

Crimson Assassin can obliterate everything in her path.

Let us know what you think about the Crimson Assassin. There are also some more updates coming to Kritika which we'll share soon!
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Old 12-12-2014, 05:18 PM
madreviewer madreviewer is offline
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Is there going to be a offline mode in the game which can only be played after a purchase?
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