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04-02-2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Fungameco View Post
Hi Baracus

About the UI. We see where you're coming from when you mention a global view for the planet orders.

Some players don't notice that you press the planet button (on the bottom left) you get a list of all planets. You need to tap each of the planets, but you can view what's going on...
Oh yes I had found that button at bottom left, of course. I meant once in there, there is still a lot of in-ing and out-ing to do to get things done. Almost impossible to do things with any urgency and I seem to spend too long in the menus and miss where I'm being attacked.

I don't really mean a SINGLE screen to manage everything. That would be too much info. I just mean a way to go between planets without going back to the map or the list. Just arrows to cycle though left or right.

I notice the icons at the top left. That could do with some explanation. What do the icons stand for and what are the green bars?

Would be nice to have a way to assign build orders all from those Planet name buttons (swap mini-map in that popup to a series of management options/menus) if it can fit, but just something to help rattle through them quickly.

I also think you need to make more of the actual game view in terms of giving information without needing to go into menus. Check Sins of a Solar Empire on PC. From memory the only "menus" they have is for the tech tree and one for diplomacy. The planets themselves are the feedback and the game itself is the map. You could show which are producing various things, and which have a fleet in waiting and it's size, which are under attack etc all in the real time view. Let us zoom out so that becomes the mini map, and we can see threats there in a simplified way.

I really like it for a quick RTS blast tho. If it was made a bit faster to navigate, multiplayer would be a real blast
04-12-2013, 01:04 PM
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