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02-10-2014, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bronxsta View Post
I had posted about the game on Reddit because the developer was asking for feedback

Like you guys, if I wasn't playing to provide some feedback, I would have deleted the game instantly. But I do think it's fun and definitely has more of a Happy Wheels vibe due to the various hazards and different vehicles
You probably spoke with Hunter our server guy on Reddit. He prefers that site . Not sure if it is just coincidence that you ran into the same account issue. We designed it so that you wouldn't have to create an account but if for some reason the server is not contacted (or maybe if you are jailbroken) it looks like the auto account might be failing and it falls back to asking for a user login (which you could make up anything for really as long as you don't want to verify your account). Looks like a potential bug we will need to look into and fix but not many have reported this issue since the initial days of release. Anyway thanks for playing it, we know its not going to be everyones cup of tea but we have good player retention so far and hope many people will enjoy playing and creating tracks.

Yes the game was setup to showcase user made levels. We know players have great ideas and wanted to let them have the ability to be at the heart of the game's content and show thier creativity. So we don't look at that feature as a con . We created the Trials tracks and continue to make tracks using the same tools and submission process that the other players use. Players then rate the tracks and decide what they like. Rated tracks are sorted in the "Popular" category. We put tracks under the "Featured" category that we think are the best and worth your time. You also get coins for rating tracks under the "New" category because these have been recently submitted by the user and are not yet rated. We will most likely add more search capabilities and categories in the future.

Ads can be bought away from the in game screens if you make a coin purchase. I know no one likes ads but the server we use to back up this game is not free and has a monthly cost. It was necessary to have ads to support that. Not all games can be 100% free or even one time purcahsed and developers may not make as much as most people think. Take Eliminate for example. They had to shut the server down at some point probably because it was more expensive to maintain then what they made on it. We don't want that to happen to any of our titles. i.e. thats why in DA2 we show ads in the lobby even for Pro Pack players. Its just a necessity to keep it going. The numbers reported by the Flappy Bird incident makes us all look like millionaires but the App Store is actually a very competitive and hard place to be successful even once and especially in the long haul. I have a lot of respect for anyone that legitimately creates an app. Its a lot of work even for something that seems simple like Flappy Bird. I was happy for the guy and not sure what really happened there.

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