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Old 01-27-2014, 05:47 AM
Destined Destined is offline
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Default Metamini - Looking for feedback on what I should do?

Youtube link | Pop Up

Hey all I am looking for feedback on what development path I should take with this and if it is worth developing it further.
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Old 01-27-2014, 08:35 PM
BlindAlbino BlindAlbino is offline
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Hi Destined, I keep trying to imagine who this game is for, and trying to see if that helps me gather some feedback ideas for you. Are aesthetic choices like color and subtle graphic polish important to you, or is it the multitasking aspect that is the singular concern? I am heavily biased towards visual splendor, so for me there wouldn't be much reward from playing this game, but I wonder if the Engineer Mind of some indie gamers would appreciate something minimal and strictly academic like this, almost as a throwback aesthetic of its own? I wonder...

Come to think of it, what if you went that direction on purpose? You know those old calculator watches, for example, where the screen was sort of silver, and any graphics were just straight black, but they would cast this weird ghostly shadow on the silver just beneath? What if you recreated that effect for this game? Just a crazy thought.
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Old 01-27-2014, 09:48 PM
takemuraori takemuraori is offline
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I do like the aesthetics and colors, reminds me of game-boy games I loved, there are couple of games about multitasking for example obviously Multitask ;-)

the question you are asking is a bit unclear, if you have an idea for multitasking game that you think is relevant and meaningful for the player - of course DO pursue it.
Later you will understand what visuals would be most beneficial for that idea to work, or weather visuals would pose any importance at all.
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Old 01-27-2014, 10:10 PM
KevinS KevinS is offline
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Alright, as a none iOS dev and simply a player I thought I'd jump in with my viewpoint. This game looks really fun. I think the idea is good and would appeal to a lot of people. I'd definately recommend getting rid off/condensing that huge block of UI in the center of the screen. On smaller screens it may be a little too cluttered and distracting. I also think color would be an awesome element to play around with. What if the game starts out as shown in the video, but as you progress different colors slowly start seeping in. This would ramp up the difficulty the farther you get without dying by making it harder to focus on the core mechanics.

I think the name is okay, but doesn't really make the average player understand what the game is all about. I think the name "MultiMaxum" or something using the word "Multi" would be cool! In the video you mentioned making it free w/ ads. I honestly don't know if that's the best route. This game would appeal to people who would rather pay $0.99 I think.

Finally, what is the bottom left game. Is it just a square or is there something you have to do with it? I really hope you continue developing this as I'd love to play it.
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Old 01-28-2014, 12:43 AM
Destined Destined is offline
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iPhone 5, iOS 6.x
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 430

Thanks for all the feedback. I actually left it for a while to work on the light box because I wasn't sure. I am not entirely sure what feedback I was looking for so all feedback is good feedback.

BlindAlbino - I went throwback intentionally because I am not the greatest artist and it was something I thought I could pull off in a fun way. I might try making it it colour but keeping the pixel look. When I make a prototype it is normally because it appeals to me (I make games I like to play since it is a hobby). Well I admire games with amazing art, mine will likely have much more simple art!

takemuraori - I was thinking gameboy and trying to give it that feel! My question really revolves around if it is worth developing further or not I guess in a nutshell!

KevinS - Player feedback is ideal! The thing about free with ad's is everyone will download. I want to stick with that and offer a version with no ads for people who would rather (my stats show 98% prefer the free version). I would rather have the maximum number of downloads possible! I don't know if I will keep the name but it comes a metagame of minigames. In my testing people intentionally would let games lose so they could focus on leveling up a certain game, bringing one game up to a high multiplier before focusing on the others. So it is kind of a strategy game.

The game with the square is the most simple of the 4, just tap the square and it shrinks until it disappears and you level up, if it gets too big you die. When you get to level it up it is a pain to remember to keep tapping that corner to stop it growing too big!

I actually have 3 more sets of 4 designed too.

I think this could do with a real overhaul. I am going to give colour graphics a go but keep the blocky style on the UFO one and see how it comes out.
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