App description: Play Invertis, the newly invented color swap game and put your reactions to the test.

How to Play: The ball needs to bounce off a same-colored wall. Tap anywhere on the screen to invert the colors of the wall. And watch out for not getting entrapped between the colliding walls.

Invertis is a lightning-fast reaction game, based on pure simplicity. Get started and accept the great challenge against the wall. Enjoy.

// Press

»Often times the simple things are surprisingly good just like in this case. It is a nice little game for in between, which you will be happy to pick up again and again.« AppZapp

»Invertis () can be extremely addictive thanks to the challenge it presents. Just when you think youve finally got the hang of it youll make one wrong move and thats the end of your game.«

»As always, the difference makes the balance between concentration and relaxation, a kind of emotional tightrope walk. A particular highlight is the mechanism with wich you can make up for mistakes; Therefore, never give up too early!«  Rossau

// Player Reviews

»I really enjoy playing this game. Its addicting and well thought out. Its fun, but it gets hard fast! I love it!« 5 Stars

»Wow. I'm in love. It's nailed the "just one more try" thing.« 4½ Stars

»Fantastic  I'm always on the lookout for games like this one. Games that aren't overly complex, are addictive and can be played in short sessions. Nice work.« 5 Stars

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Changed the thread subscriptions settings, hope it helps.
Yes it did, and now it's in the hot new games category as well.
Thank you good sir,
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Yes it did, and now it's in the hot new games category as well.
Oh, that's nice! Thank you for the info.
And there are some other new players in Game Center now.

(Perhaps I should really turn on GC by default, in the next update.)
02-18-2014, 04:19 PM
Nice find on this one. Friend-requested a couple of y'all on the Game Center.

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