App description: "... it's challenging, it's funny, and most important of all, it's a lot of silly, goofy fun." - Gamezebo, 4.5/5
"... quit reading and download it right now." - TouchArcade, 4.5/5

Quadropus Rampage is an Endless Roguelike that casts you, the player, as an enraged, 4 legged cephalopod. It is your quest to reach the bottom of the ocean and destroy Pete, the evil god of the sea, before his army of abyssal creatures can overtake the ocean.

Perfect blend of roguelike and brawler - Hit enemies in their stupid faces!
Endless Gameplay - Procedurally generated weapons, levels, and enemies that keep the action fresh until you die from thumb exhaustion
Be a quadropus - Go on a rampage
Four game modes - Story mode, Insane Mode, Manic Mode, and Timed Sprint, with more unlocked once you beat the game
Pets - They'll accompany you in battle and save your hide!
Intuitive, fast-paced combat - Easy to learn, difficult to master. Dodge, block, stab, smash, and spin your way to victory!
Five epic boss fights - Pursue Pete into the depths and bludgeon his mouth off. Then do it again in the Petemare and Pete's Reckoning game modes!
Mastery system - 23 achievements with gameplay altering rewards
Artifacts - Unearth 39 treasures that let you shoot lasers out of your face or turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang
Extensive upgrade tracks - Invest orbs in your quadropus to make him stronger
Hilarious Characters - Break your ribs from intense chuckling

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny.


Royce's comments:

04-03-2015, 03:27 AM
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Just Buttered Up to support the devs and their great games. Just loving it and on my device since day one! Sorry took so long to butter up but got to show some love! Also buying.some other IAP's to make up for lost time, lol.
05-20-2015, 03:43 PM
Love for Sam

Hey, everyone! Adam from Butterscotch here.

This may be inappropriately off-topic, but you all show a lot of love for us and our studio so I figured I'd risk it (this is posted verbatim in our other game threads). We're a three-brother studio, and one of those three (Sam) has been battling cancer for the past year and a half. He's stuck in the hospital right now after a rough round of chemo and could really use some positive energy. So, if you're willing, send him some positivity through the Vibe Wall.

Thank you all for being great, and my apologies for derailing the thread!

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