APOC-X v1.3 - DSS, Retina +Promo +Free - (Universal)

03-11-2013, 04:23 PM
APOC-X v1.3 - DSS, Retina +Promo +Free - (Universal)

Have you ever wanted to play a real top down shooter on large levels, not just in an arena?

Check this out to see what large means:

APOC-X v1.3 is now available:
- Now it is universal, iPad and iPhone app in one
- Retina graphics on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
- Lots of action, lots of monsters!
- Intelligent monsters - improved monster AI
- Nonlinear levels, exploration, adventure
- Secret areas and puzzles
- Interactive environment: doors, computer panels, switches, triggers and destroyable objects. Blast doors open and use the environment to your own advantage!
- 4 weapons
- 7 levels in the first map pack + 1 exclusive level in the free edition

PROMO Codes for Full Version:


03-11-2013, 07:51 PM
Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
I am confirming 5G widescreen support; nice looking retina graphics too!

Apoc-X has been out for a while and was mostly overlooked on it's initial release; worth picking up for dual stick shooter fans.
Right on! Thanks. Gonna go ahead and snag it now. =oD

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