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App description: In the post-apocalyptic era, zombies are energized by old nuclear reactors. They creep out of the ground where nuclear energy and radiation combine. Their intent is to eat the survivors and dominate the new world order. Your mission is to disable the remaining reactors and eradicate zombies.

Drop in from your helicopter to rescue soldiers who are pinned down at a military base barricaded with makeshift barbed wire, rotten fences, and all manner of post apocalypse garbage. Take a wild ride through fields littered with zombies, but stay in your jeep or armored personnel carrier when you can, it's safer that way! Scavenge for weapons in a ruined city, find the classic crowbar or nail bat, take out more zombies on foot or take up a sharp shooter position up high. Tighten your seatbelt for a final showdown with zombies protecting a nuclear reactor, sneak in with dynamite and take it out, destroy their power source to save the world!

zombies : rotten businessman, ragged ann, surgeon, police officer
vehicles : jeeps, armored personnel carrier, helicopter, spare tire
explosive dynamite to take out towers and nuclear reactor
weapons : crowbar, golf club, fire axe, gun, nail bat, tire
rescue soldiers pinned down in military base

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