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05-28-2014, 11:33 PM
I cannot find out online who the developers of this game are individually, although the company VOLV lld is located in Beijing according to their site. The reason I mention this is something that caught my eye in the screenshot. It could be an accident, or not. I tend to believe it isn't.

Basically when you look at the soldier whose uniform resembles that of the German you will notice on center of his shirt is a depiction of a flag that is horizontal, black on bottom, red on top.

Why this is important, at least to me, is that while it is obviously not the flag used by the nazis in ww2 (I know that its depiction in games may be legally prohibited in some countries). The important part is that this is a real flag and it's most basic version, without symbols is used by the nationalists in Ukraine today. Do you see where I am going with this?

(Brief summary in case you want to know)The game features a side that looks like Russians based on clothing and the red stars. This pointed to me that this isn't a coincidence that the game has the red and black flag of Ukraine nationalist, which is also the color scheme of Ukraine's military forces.
The flag represents the Ukrainian national defense army, and similarly, the Ukrainian partisan army. The flag existed since before WW2 , when Ukrainians fought a war against USSR. USSR called it (and Russia calls it today) a civil war, suggesting that Ukraine was a soviet territory. So briefly in the first year of the 2nd World War Ukrainian nationalist army allied with the invading Germany in hopes of acquiring independence. Of course it didn't work and most of them were killed by both the USSR and the Nazis. Crimean Tatars also allied with Germany back then, and were punished by massive exile by USSR.
If you follow any world events today you may know that those people who are supporting Putin or are Russian nationalists call Ukraine's government and it's modern nationalists "fascists", while pro Ukraine Ukrainians call Putin "Putler".

As you may have noticed I tried to describe known to me historical events as briefly as possible and tried to insert my opinion as little as possible.

That out if the way, I noticed the peculiar way in which Russians and Germans are depicted in this game. If this is just a coincidence then of course it is not a big deal. But this seems to be more than simply a coincidence, because of the recent events and specific symbolism.

If this game is great, none of that stuff mentioned above should matter. I have yet to play it for more than five minutes. But if this is intentional, I think it is very inappropriate and is in poor taste so to speak.

I know that the game is probably made in Beijing. It is very possible that the artists working on the game have strong political views, or that some development of the game was outsourced to the Russian Federation, which could also explain it.

I am curious whether anyone else noticed this, or maybe anyone has something to add.
05-29-2014, 12:15 AM
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Matching with a player online take such a long time. Either their server is like crap or there are lack of players base. Or both.