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11-10-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Chugga4life View Post
Hello! I am looking for a new troop to join who will also have room for my wife to join as well, tried to start our own troop but things fell through and are looking for a active troop! Very active and love to participate in raids and events! Please message me in game if interested! In game name: chugga4life
Not possible to message someone remotely if you're not already pals, but "Touch Arcade" is alive and well and would love some more active players. Search for Troop "Touch Arcade" and request an invite, have plenty of room for you and your wife. We're active, but very low key. We've just recently gotten good enough to complete the stock raids, so trying to hammer out a few of those each week for the foreseeable future to give everyone a chance at a decent team.

Edit: figured out the interface for messaging you / looking you up. Yeah, your troop looks pretty good for something that "fell through"

Good luck with the recruiting. Touch Arcade has exploded in the past week. Made a new admin of an enthusiastic member and we both got more aggressive on the recruiting. We're at 24/25 slots with a few 3-week inactives we will boot for active joiners.

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11-15-2013, 03:46 AM
If anyone is looking for a new troop, please lookup Roughneck Ninjas, looking for some heavy hitters to fill out our troop! If interested for more details message me on here or just apply to the troop thanks!!!

11-18-2013, 02:00 PM
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I'm scratching my head why this game hasn't found a better following on TA. I've been playing continually since the beginning, still with the "Touch Arcade" troop, and this thread has a whopping 55 replies (56 now) in two months while I notice a similar GameVil product (I'll let that sink it... GameVil) like Spirit Stones has 50% more attention in not even a month's time (it's the boobs, isn't it? )

The longer I play this, the more the flaws disappear, and the more I appreciate their ingenuity in the way they implemented the multiplayer aspects. The TA troop is up to 24 members with 19 active in the past week, with players from around the globe keeping things modestly active 24/7. It makes for a cool sense of "in this together" (there are 3 or the verge of getting kicked so don't be afraid to ask to join).

Yeah, it's still way too tied to Facebook (e.g. they're beta testing trading, an awesome idea, but they're limiting it to your FB friends, a horrible idea), but after a couple of months, I can say the only real price tag for the game is $4.99 to upgrade your slots to max at your earliest opportunity. They have monetized the crap out of it, no doubt, and I laugh at some of their "purely" for suckers monster grab schemes (there is "guaranteed" tier pull that winds up running a couple of hundred dollars to reach the point you get the "guaranteed" monster like some carnival game that guarantees you the $5 prize after you drop $50 on playing the game), but other than needing to max the storage slots, you can do just fine in the game so long as you have a solid troop that wants to help players of all levels.

The troop raids will, in time, give every participating member access to an evolved super rare of every element, and that's as good as a team of unevolved ultra rares. Better, once you get a halfway decent team, you earn enough free Ultra grabs during the events that your team does start to become actually good by brute force and ignorance. I know, because I only put the initial $5 into the game and my combined attack is up to 2478, an attack value that is hilariously higher than many of the money bags (either by real money or hacking gold purchases) I see running around with all epic monsters because they don't actually know how to play the game effectively

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07-30-2014, 05:44 PM
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Please use my code thanks 194vla
07-30-2014, 05:50 PM
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Please use my code thanks 194vla
08-24-2014, 01:24 AM
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Is anyone still playing this? I just started and am liking it a lot....

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12-18-2014, 11:39 PM
I started playing recently and like this game a lot, but find the energy system frustrating (and I usually am not bothered by energy systems). Also tend to have battles that are way too short/easy (eg in camp) or unreasonably hard. Even though I'm trying to get to a level where I can do more playing in Battle Camp, it takes a lot of work and figuring things out...

Just revisited Puzzle Bandits and was reminded how smooth and fun that game is, and how you can basically keep playing. There is also an additional level of strategy in that the enemy team uses the SAME board as you do, so you have to think about what you're leaving on the board. Unfortunately its AI is terrible.

If Puzzle Bandits added live multiplayer, I'd play all the time
12-18-2014, 11:41 PM
By the way, do I understand correctly that in order to give/receive energy with other Battle Camp players, you have to be connected to them via Facebook--even if I can click on other players right there next to me in the game?

Even if I add a player right next to me as a friend, if I want to give energy, etc, I have to ask that person their Facebook name, add them to Facebook, and then do it???
12-19-2014, 08:25 AM
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Since I've been playing daily for over a year and run a top 200/300 troop, let me address a few things that will either help you understand or drive you screaming from the game :

The energy system is baked into the game design and, particularly, the competitive elements. And when you consider that this is a competitive multiplayer game that runs 24/7, you come to appreciate that you only need to play ~5 minutes out of the hour. During events, I haven't had a full night's sleep in a year, wake up every 50 minutes, blow my 5e, go back to sleep, rinse and repeat.

The Facebook stuff is something you either need to get over, or get out. The company that runs this game is made up of some seriously libertarian profit maximizing ultra capitalists. They took advantage of the free infrastructure that Facebook offers to minimize their own costs. Energy gifting and monster trading are all done through FB's servers and this is likely never going to change. And while you might survive without the energy/egg gifting, you will not survive without trading.

Biggest thing to keep in mind: this is not a single player game, nor for the casual, it is a serious team based multiplayer game*. You will need to find a good troop or you will never get anywhere in the game (and, of course, you will need to prove you are good first by succeeding in lesser troops). The vast majority of the competitions aren't available to you if you're not in a troop, and only the top ~500 troops get prizes even worth mentioning, and only the spender troops get prizes worth getting really excited about. Once you're in a good troop, you FB friend everyone who seems remotely human. That's how you build up a network of people who gift energy and eggs because that +5e/day can make a big difference in an event when used at the right time.

* Admittedly, you could play this on a more casual, single playerish level, but then you might as well play Puzzle and Dragons since the core gameplay is identical. BC only distinguishes itself in the depth and degree of its multiplayer elements.

The thing I always say about this is that it's the worst game you'll ever love. The company that runs it is strictly out for profit, they are completely amoral. They built the economy of the game on fostering competition between people with more money than self -confidence. In fact, one of the more recent popcorn eating sagas is they finally found themselves without any truly insane spender. Since the game's beginning, the competitions had been dominated by some fool who was spending the GDP of some small countries every event to feel superior over everyone else.... and the last one just quit. They are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the player base trying to generate more spending to make up for the loss of *one* player - live by the sword, die by the sword

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05-03-2015, 06:23 PM
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Anyone looking for a troop? Join mine: Cookie Battlers. My troop currently has only 2 players at the moment, sadly.