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11-05-2013, 10:19 AM
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Just wanted to post some feedback after hitting the ultimate endgame last night (population 8300, which is the highest score possible right now). First, while it may seem overwhelming what the possible combinations are, it's actually pretty easy to figure out all the basic ones because they all involve putting two of the same item next to each other. There's no timer so take the time to figure out what tiles need to be where to end up with the next combination of higher tile pieces. Once you get the patterns down they all apply to dirt, rock & houses the same.

The only bad part is it took me only 4 games before I figured out the patterns to get the ultimate endgame (which is 2 pumpkin patches, 1 forge, 1 gold mine, and all the other tiles market places as market places are worth 250 people each + a lot of grinding that one gold mine & forge). How to get there is the trick as it just involves grinding to keep the world moving, trees regenerating, and gold being produced from the forge. If you place more than the 2 pumpkin patches, 1 forge & 1 gold mine then you can't reach the 8300 goal. As for the castles, you need 4 of them to unlock some of the special stuff but once you have gold you can remove them with I think 10 gold each.

This game is not anywhere near as complex as I thought it would be, though it did require some thinking to figure out and I did look at a guide about which combinations were possible because I had figured out everything except the 4 castles deal and needing 2 pumpkin patches.


Suggestions to improve the game?

Maybe more tile sets with evolutions. So you could go from castles to cities or something. Also to avoid the massive marketplace scoring maybe do combination scores where like a market place next to a castle is worth more than two market places. A tree next to water is worth more than two trees or two blocks of water. Mix it up. A volcano next to a forge could be another combo bonus score for population... or a volcano could be a big negative to score.

Or have some unorthodox combinations that form other stuff. A castle, market place, pumkin patch and a double house ... maybe that can make a castle with a town around it. Just sayin, there could be a lot of stuff added and it would up the brain power needed to really score well. But more tile sets and a better balance to the tiles would be cool. Seems like a market place wouldn't be worth more than a castle, for instance. Also it would be cool to have to build a farm (even destroyable farm) to get food for people and then use that food + wood to build storage buildings/silos.

Anyway, lovely game even as it is and well worth the 5/5 I gave it.

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