App description: Rated 95% Fantastic by SentralGamer.Com: "one of this years most innovative releases on the App Store"

Ninja Boxing Calculator, inspired by the original Handheld Boxing Hit!

Ninja Boxing appears to be a simple calculator, performing all the functions you need but with the slide of a switch it turns into an action-packed Fighting Game that warps you straight back to the 80's.

You control your Ninja's every move. Make him jab, punch, dodge and kick. Build up your attack power and & flying kick the CPU Ninja for six!

But you'd better keep your fighter out of the other Ninja's reach! Because if he hits your man with a good one, you'll be on the ground getting counted out before you know it!

You have 8 rounds to knock out your opponent, and you can rack up points in up to 99 fights. Your highest scare is added to the high score table until a more aggressive Ninja knocks it out.

This is where fighting games began.

Take a trip back to the beginning!
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Awesome! Look forward to hearing what you think ;-)

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