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12-10-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by SumoSplash View Post
4S, but with iOS7, which has made ellipses even more prevalent. 'Sea Mup' would just make more sense.
Ah ok, cheers!

On top of some of the game tweaks, i think i'm going to be adding a free easy mode (easy that is, compared to normal and insane) but without saving or submitting your score, which will be available if all game credits are run out...

Anyway, thanks again.
12-10-2013, 10:21 AM
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I noticed that you don't like to code, what was this made with? I'm looking to make games and wondered if you were using something that may be good for me. I suck at coding too.
12-10-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Appvism View Post
Thank you all (so far!) for your thoughts and comments - as well as trying my game!

I have to admit, as a solo indie dev (and amateurish/hobbyist at that), I didn't do any user testing - all game testing was my own - so your comments are really interesting and helpful.

On the plus side, I did submit an update to increase the initial credit offering to 10 credits, increased the credit pack to 150 for $1 iap, reward 1 credit if you score 50,000 or more in a single game and 11 credits (10 credits + 1 for scoring over 50,000) whenever you complete the game. But it seems like i might have to further tweak and change this! Also, interesting to hear about the hud slider and controls (auto fire)! Let me ponder and see... Do you guys like autofire? I know it'll help rest your finger/thumb, but it feels a little nerfed to me, without the satisfaction of doing the shooting yourself, but i understand your thoughts on this so i might offer it as a solution (if i can code it that is).

And yes, the boss does die in normal mode - you'll be getting close (ish) when he flashes red and the background changes colour... However, I haven't killed him in insane mode naturally, which i can tell you is really quick and hard..

Funnily enough, initially i had in mind a single iap to unlock the full game - but i did shy away from this purely to save me trying to code the save and restore features associated with implementing this! :P It was easier with consumables, as a result, i instead wanted to give plenty of game credits instead to make it value for money, but clearly 100-150 is not value enough. I might further increase this yet.

Finally, i figured if enough players want iPad support - and let me know of this in feedback and reviews - then it will give me the justification to actually implement this. Although i'm not sure if iPhone only users will like the increase in file size (i'd rather make it universal app rather than create a iPad version)...

Wow, its been slightly therapeutic writing this post, so thanks again.

Would love ipad support, would play great on the bigger screen.
12-11-2013, 09:08 AM
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@darnoc703 - i won't say i love it or hate, just not very good/"hardcore/geeky" at it! :P Because my focus is 2D games, i currently use Corona SDK - but this is still hand-coding but using a scripting language called Lua.

@Connector - i am in the midst of adding this to make it an Universal app but i think this will appear after the Xmas iTunes lockdown... I'm not quite sure if the drag controls will make it harder to play on the iPad due to the large screen, whereas on the iPhone (landscape mode) moving the thumb up and down quickly is convenient. What do you reckon?

I have updated my sandbox/test version to make the whole screen draggable (but still vertical movement only), without the slider, so great suggestion from @SumoSplash! My my free (easier) mode is kind of done now.

Still got some other tweaks and bugs to do!