App description: The creators of Fruit Ninja are proud to share their latest adventures in the culinary arts a new puzzle game that lets you play with your food!

Yes Chef follows the story of a young apprentice named Cherry, with dreams of becoming the greatest chef in the world. With your help, Cherry must travel the globe in search of mouth-watering recipes for her very own restaurant!

Match three of more ingredients across 100 levels to find the perfect seasoning for each and every dish. Serve customers, bake cakes, and compete with friends to become a true cooking legend.

Unlock awesome power-ups and special abilities along the way to boost your skills in the kitchen. Our friends over at the Fruit Ninja dojo may even stop by to offer some help along the way!

Do you share the same dream as Cherry? Download Yes Chef for free today!


- Switch and match ingredients to master each level
- Vegetables, seafood and yummy desserts
- Timed challenges, special events and more
- Upgrade your cooking skills to beat the toughest levels
- Challenge your friends on Facebook for extra rewards


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

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10-11-2014, 08:57 AM
The energy timer in this game gets pretty brutal after a while. I don't mind when they charge for power ups and bonus stuff, and I will often pick up a permanent upgrade or two if it's reasonably priced (really just to support the devs), but being told to pony up $5 or else stop playing for at least 15 minutes is not ok. The game is a lot of fun, but pay-to-play IAP is a disappointment, especially coming from HalfBrick.

Update: having gotten to level 47 without any purchases, I have to say that the game gets worse. The levels get harder and harder, to the point of ridiculousness. This isn't "hard" in the sense of "I wish I was more skilled so I could be better at these levels." This is "hard" as in "there's only one possible move at a time, and completing this level with one star, let alone three, is going to be purely a matter of luck or IAP." And every step of the way, the cutesy heroine of the game taunts you for failing and offers you a bite of the IAP Apple. Fail a level? There's the option to pay to keep playing that level. Fail a level three times? She offers you the beginner pack IAP. Finally complete a level after dozens of tries (which can take days, since you run out of energy after 3-5 tries)? She reminds you that it took you so long to finish a level and asks if you want to share your special "accomplishment" with your friends on Facebook. There are a handful permanent upgrades you can buy, cash only, to make the game easier, but they're exorbitantly expensive. $15 a piece for most of them. And they are split up in a way that just one upgrade isn't going to do you any good, you have to buy most, if not all, of them in order to convert this into something resembling a legitimate gaming experience, to the tune of $50 or more. And even then, I expect the brutality and impossibility of the levels will continue to stack until you still have to buy consumables to progress. I have to conclude that at this point in the game, they expect everyone who isn't completely hooked on their IAP has dropped out, and they've pulled out the industrial strength milking machines to squeeze every last drop out of the remaining players (or is that payers?). I'm ready to drop out myself. It's not challenging, it's exploitative. The game has stopped being much fun at all, and from the looks of it I'm nowhere near the final level. I really expected better from HalfBrick.

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