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Monstercrafter - Join my clan!

01-03-2016, 08:52 AM
Joined: Jan 2016
Posts: 1
01-03-2016, 05:54 PM
Joined: Jan 2016
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Active clan

Active players only

01-11-2016, 05:42 AM
Join me

Clan code MAFET729

Plzzz join me

And my code is FKXYET

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01-16-2016, 11:50 AM
Joined: Jan 2016
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Beginners' club!

Guys, if you need help if you're a beginner, come here! I will never kick any of you out, because you and I can get several individual advantages. You can get lots of currency, XP, and friends to back you up. I am sorry if any of you can't join the clan because of capacity. I can make it up to you by having you post your friend code, and I'll add you.

Join the SnipersUnite!
Code: ZYMUN974

Thank you for your generosity,
01-22-2016, 11:40 PM
Joined: Jan 2016
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Join my clan

Im level 4 so you can go higher faster. AYN956
01-27-2016, 07:27 PM
Joined: Jan 2016
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Join me

the destroyers clan code is takux743
02-03-2016, 07:48 PM
Joined: Jan 2016
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friend me

my friend code is n4j33c
03-01-2016, 02:24 AM
Join my clan!

Shadowblade Clan code: QADYG647

Friend code:YDGCHD
03-13-2016, 10:40 PM
Join my clan

Has anyone got a good clan

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03-21-2016, 02:51 PM