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Old 04-13-2014, 05:31 AM
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Hi all,

Pitta: Thanks for chiming in with your first impressions! We're super honored that you found time to try Spymaster for it indeed has been an amazing week for games on iOS. I'm still trying to find some proper time to sink on Hearthstone

We're definitely going to up the polish level as we go and more B&W style illustrations are one of the possible directions. Before that we still want to have a look at how people like to enjoy playing Spymaster and most likely add more content that fits. After all we can only do one thing at a time but want to to twelve!


Hobbesian: I'm sorry that you feel like there is a paywall in Spymaster. It would be helpful if you could point out when/where it happens so we can tweak the balance to be better in future updates. Right now the system follows similar patterns to RPGs where higher level drops are vastly more valuable to lover level ones and thus what seems like expensive right now will actually be very cheap a few levels later. The economy curves are (meant to be) balanced to be fun for players who prefer not to (or can't!) spend real money.

More permanent style purchases are on the list but honestly it takes a lot of time to make them and we wanted get feedback on Spymaster as fast as possible! Meanwhile I encourage you to enjoy the game without spending or maybe waiting a few updates for us to develop the game further

Also thanks for the kind words on the premium feel! We do try


MrMojoRisin: Thanks for tapping the conversation! There are a vast many audiences playing on tablets today and even larger in the future. We believe strongly that the expectations of games are going to change drastically in the near future as they have for the past few years. Not just for casual people but for more dedicated gamers (like me!) as well. There definitely isn't a very apt example of games being done like we are at PlayRaven, but that makes it all the more exciting, no?

In all seriousness I appreciate your concern for our market positioning, but it's impossible to have an in-depth discussion about it here because we would have to touch on a lot of market data and actual sales/download/engagement numbers from other games that not for me to share publicly. Maybe we will have a chance to talk about this via some other channel in the future!


Best75: Have you considered hiring a few extra agents to play with while others are recovering or maybe adopting other strategies that cause less injuries to your agents? Or then again you can just take a break and play more later with fresh eyes and clear head for new challenges!

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Old 04-13-2014, 05:40 AM
Dasinf Dasinf is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2014
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Oh and a fun fact from this past week.

There's been a very large amount of people trying to hammer our servers to hack the payments and other things. Most common hack attempts seem to use a receipt from Zeptolab's Cut the Rope to fake a purchase in Spymaster. Some of our team members are friends with Zeptolab's guys so we're finding it quite funny

The +90% of piracy rate from PCs is about the same as on iOS and we're definitely seeing all of that even with just one week of being live in NZ! Quite a lot more to making games than just making games

Luckily enough we take information security seriously and don't let the enemy spy on Spymasters!
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Old 04-13-2014, 06:15 AM
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Okey I did a mission with injured agents cause I could not wait that long for them to heal and during the mission one of my agents got captured. I rescued him but during the rescue mission another one of my agents got captured so I had to rescue another agent with less time and intel then I had before. I set up a spy ring in Paris and I did the rescue mission on the last turn before the mission ended and failed. After seeing that to rescue the agent I need to use 80 gold bars I deleted the game quickly without thinking about it

While I may have deleted the game without really thinking about it I am not willing to redownland the game in its current state but I will keep a eye on it
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Old 04-14-2014, 09:50 AM
Hobbesian Hobbesian is offline
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As regards to the monetisation model, the feedback from the users here has been consistent, it's up to you if you wish to listen to us or not. The paywall areas are obvious - the cost to recover agents is punitive, and the cost for opening up agent slots (necessary to allow for extended play or larger missions) increases in exponential fashion, far outstripping the rewards given.

Paying for consumable currency in this game will only serve to hurt you in the long term, regardless of the short term sales figures, as the video you linked rather eloquently demonstrates, there comes a point where the player goes "sod this" and walks away. The poster above just did that.

But if the Devs won't listen...

- H
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Old 08-09-2014, 10:32 AM
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Default No mission targets

Hi. One of my missions is to raid 4 factories. I am stuck at 3/4 and have been to every city. There is no more factories on the map. Am I missing something? Please advise
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