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30 Promo Codes Of "Keep In Line"

06-14-2014, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Lavender View Post
I love the concept of the game.
I have played several games that are near the same genre where I use my finger to travel up through a maze like puzzle. What is not so similar to these games, is that this one has a ball.

You place your finger on the ball to move it through the maze. If you hit the wall, you are out. The puzzle gets harder as the maze twists and turns.

Futuristic neon graphics/colors.

This is one I would want to play again and again.

Now for the issues I've discovered. (Sorry)

I feel like the ball isn't completely accurate. I hope I explain this right! Lol
I believe the game should be hard. But I think the game is too hard to soon. I feel that in games like this one, it needs to start easy, bring you in, then get harder. If I get too frustrated in the beginning of the game, I might feel like there is no way to ever get better at it.

Also, when my finger is on the ball, I feel although my finger isn't leaving it, the ball gets left behind a tiny bit. After finishing a curve, it is like it speeds up a little. Also; say Im moving sideways left or right, because the ball wants to go up or forward, it takes off from my finger. At the same time, I can' move the ball any faster.
Maybe there needs to be a minor bit of control on the ball that allows the person to go down or backwards a centimeter or so. The game will still be hard, but more feasible. I think I mean when going sideways, there needs to be a bit of control to keep it centered. I hope I made sense!

It gets a bit frustrating if I can't go faster then the ball going upwards when going sideways. Don't get me wrong. It's almost there. So so so close. And; the more I play, the better I get, as long as I don't run into the sometimes sideways problem.
I did reach HIGH SCORE I wanted to make sure I could before writing this info. So yes, it is playable. And; I do recognize that with more practice, the better I get. Even on the flat lines. But, even with skill, I believe the sensitivity needs adjusting.

Still though. I really truly like this one. It had me coming back for more.
But please oh please dev; add some sound or the ability to add our own.
And, what are the arrows for at the bottom of the p[lay screen?
When I tap one, it takes the ball outside the maze and immediately ends game.
(I'm sure it's something simple & I'm going to feel a bit stupid. LOL
It's about 2:45 am when I'm writing this. I don't sleep much but it doesn't mean the rest of me might be a little tired. he he

Don't hesitate to download the demo/free version to try the game out first if you need too. I personally think it's worth the dollar for the pro version especially if the dev is updating.

With just a minor tweek, I would consider this one to be in my top 5 of this genre.

Thanks again for the code. And; good luck!

[spoiler]When playing, do not put your finger directly on the ball. Have your finger aprox. an inch beneath it so you can see where the ball is moving and also, because sometimes, somehow, your finger will catch will the ball. Wait until you are in a semi open area and move your finger backwards to re-compensate area lost, but make sure you are in line with the ball at all times.[/spoiler}
Good luck!
@Lavender Thanks very much for your honest and clear comments of our Game.
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You comments encourage us to make game better and better.

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