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10-14-2014, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by Kirenx View Post
It's fairly aggressive freemium. After you beat the first area you will have the first "deal" shoved in your face to buy the boss character for premium currency, and look at that it's a one time offer! Better open your wallet whether or not you've had the chance to decide if the game might be for you.

The difficulty curve increases exponentially, and the main premium currency purchases that will help you out are all temporary boosts. What is an extra kick in the rear though, is that if you attempt and lose a fight, you have to pay basic currency and wait on a timer simply to use those characters again. This can be especially annoying when you are trying to save up for an upgrade so as to be able to pass a particular stage.

I found this game felt like it should have been collectable, but instead it has a linear progression system of upgrading your main base to unlock new heroes. This means that aside from the "deals" you can purchase that will grant an extra hero here and there, you won't see too many different line-ups as players will generally be using the best heroes available for their level range.
I have to disagree actually. Having played up until current completion, I haven't had to buy any IAP to progress. As you clear levels your roster naturally grows, and the waiting doesn't become an issue. And it's quite generous too. I have a bunch of characters at level 30+ and the wait time for them is about 15 minutes. That's it.

Also you fail to mention that the game doesn't gate your gameplay with arbitrary stamina requirements. You also get the premium currency by playing the game, opening chests and completing daily quests.

Plus, there are events you can do for tokens that allow you to get characters that cannot be bought via IAP. Put in the time and you'll be pleasantly surprised

There's a lot of strategy involved in putting together a solid team, and once you find something that works for you like I did, things will really take off.

Now as for those deals, just ignore them. A bit of elbow grease and every character will still be yours
10-14-2014, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by grenadedodger View Post
Brrr, shilly in here all of a sudden.
I actually audibly snorted at that. Lol. Even if it is, I always give debs, family, or friends, one or two posts of blatant grandstanding just because I would be stoked if my game had just come out.


10-14-2014, 10:08 PM
Definately has all the bits you might expect from the latest generation of IAP cash grabs this forum loves to hate: multiple currencies, timers, evolving units, etc. But, it turns out, theres actually a game under all those lamiumware trappings, and it appears you can actually influence your chance of success through carefull management of character abilities, tactful use of action points, and awareness of buffs and their effects during battle. The difficulty curve doesn't take long to ramp up, but at least through the first few bosses, so far, it's managable (and enjoyable) without purchase.

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10-15-2014, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by loveslie View Post
Wasn't impressed. Crashed and froze several time before I was able to experience any real game play on an iPhone 6+.
That's odd. Plays just fine on my iPad 2.
10-15-2014, 09:20 AM
Confused, to evolve, you can use premium currency or collect three specific items for each class, yet you can only have one item per char, per evolve level. Seems like a chicken-egg dilemma, or am I missing something?
10-15-2014, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by gmattergames View Post
Confused, to evolve, you can use premium currency or collect three specific items for each class, yet you can only have one item per char, per evolve level. Seems like a chicken-egg dilemma, or am I missing something?
Yeah, this can be a bit confusing. Items have 2 functions:

1) Use items to evolve fighters
2) Equip items on fighters for more power.

You don't equip items to evolve, they just need to be in your inventory. The 1 item per character rule is for equipped items (for balance reasons). The goal is to give you choices for how you want to use items: save/upgrade them for evolutions, or equip to improve your fighters' strength?
10-15-2014, 09:42 AM
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What exactly is an arcade style strategy game? I mean that doesn't even make sense. It's like a chocolate flavored vanilla shake or a flying submarine.
10-15-2014, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Wizard_Mike View Post
That's odd. Plays just fine on my iPad 2.
It crashed/froze several times when I was doing the initial tutorial. I gave up....