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Top Reviews / Hot Games + AppShopper Down?

11-14-2017, 02:57 AM
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Top Reviews / Hot Games + AppShopper Down?

Toucharcade's Top Reviews and Hot Games section seems to be down. Watch List still seem to be working though. Also, AppShopper is down too. Any idea what's happening?

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11-14-2017, 03:31 AM
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Possibly a DDOS of some kind. The app has been down as well. Only notifications are from watch list stuff

11-14-2017, 04:11 AM
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Guessing this might segue in the new site design?

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11-14-2017, 04:41 AM
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Well, I hope so.

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11-14-2017, 08:07 AM
Man i am so happy it happens to others too
Lol you know what i mean i thought it had to do with my country or something like that.
11-14-2017, 01:15 PM
I did notice the app is down... I thought this might be the end... I hope it comes back... Or the new app is coming.
12-19-2017, 04:20 AM
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It seems to be working but outdated right?

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