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[TESTING] <Exploits>, a hyper-paced Tactical CCG

04-13-2018, 03:56 AM
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[TESTING] <Exploits>, a hyper-paced Tactical CCG

<Closed Beta is Now!>

Hi everyone!

Our game <Exploits> is now under Closed Beta!

We are looking for iOS Testflight and Android players to help us testing our basic mechanic, overall playthrough and game economy.

iOS Players: Please leave a name you prefer and e-mail that you use as your Apple ID in this thread or send me a private message.

Android Players: Please download game APK here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5d3ms1...0_xqglobal.apk

If you want to know more about the game, please visit our official WIKI on Gamepedia.

Youtube link | Pop Up

We are looking for help to make a good game trailer btw

Test Info

Player data will be deleted after Closed Beta ended (which should be around the end of May).

<Exploits> is mainly about PVP, so in this test, there might not be many players in the beginning, though we have prepared basic AI to battle with you. It might not be as fun as battling with players, but hopefully you can still find some fun in battle itself and deck building.

Our wish is to create a fun and play-to-win card game, to do so, your opinion is very valuable to us.

All cards/resources in game can be acuired by daily gameplay, so it's not pay-to-win. Paid players will only receive better cards and reach high rank earlier.

After consideration, we decide to disable our in-app store in this test, so our testers can focus on overall experience of the game, but you can still transform your in-game resources thourgh "Resource" page of the Store.

Thank you and eager to see you (and battle you) in game!

What’s Exploits?

1.Hyper-paced, combo-driven Tactical Card Game.
2.Hero-based deck strategy.
3.Battle real-time opponents in epic turn-based combat.
4.Play to win. Battle to become stronger and earn your honor!

The Ironfist Maiden says hi!

Hi dear friends on Touch Arcade forum!

Our new game <Exploits> is going to be announced in near future, and we want you to have a first look!

Exploits is a Collectible Card Game in which you can battle real-time opponents on a tactical battleground, each match normally last 4-10 minutes.

As a CCG, our goal is for most players, whether hardcore or casual, to enjoy the strategic fun of this genre, but in a more relaxing way, so we made a few special changes to speed up the pace.

In Exploits, each battle starts at 10 Supplies instead of typically raising one point per turn, and each card has a more obvious link with some other cards through a mechanic, usually a keyword. For example, a unit with the keyword “Armed” will activate a special buff such as +3 ATK when you put an “Equipment” card on it, or a “Resonance” unit will be triggered and fire extra fireballs toward enemy targets when you use a “Spell” card.

As a result, players should focus more on finding out combos from their cards on hand, and inflict the most powerful attack possible in one turn. There are still long-term strategies, but searching for possible combos will be a basic experience in Exploits. We found this more casual and relaxing than some major CCG such as Hearthstone, Duelyst or Scroll, but not without its own fun and strategic depth.

The story of Exploits happens on a middle age fantasy continent, where young kingdoms wage war on each other for power and belief. As the leader of a newly found mercenary order, our players can fight freely for honor and gold.

Each deck is a small group of mercenaries led by a General. Your General is a Hero unit who will add 5 stacks of Skill cards into the deck, each stack contains 2 cards, so it’s 10 cards in total. These 10 Skill cards will decide your basic strategy of each deck. The main purpose of this design is for our players to feel the power and characteristic of their Hero, and enjoy the fun of delivering a strong, dramatic combo.

Exploits is currently under testing, we are working very hard to polish it and there are many things we wish to share with you.

So far there are 25 Heroes and near 200 different cards in game. During Closed Beta, there will be 16 heroes available.

Touch Arcade forum is a place we hold dear, we will keep in touch with you on the forum, try to answer all of your questions. Also, please join us on Facebook page, we need your help to touch more people!

Thank you very much!


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Hi everyone, our closed beta has started.
If you are interested in helping us, please download game APK here: