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PILE (1Button)

03-09-2014, 03:48 AM
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Sometimes I'd have a group of blocks like this
The only two patterns that make the blocks disappear are:


That's why it's a 'match-three' ^^. Unlike Dr. Mario, the blocks that are connected to such patterns will disappear as well.

Is there a reason to activate a bad power up? I've just been avoiding them
You only have 4 slots for power-ups (5 if you unlock the Power-Up+ booster). So if you don't use the bad power-ups you get, the slots will ultimately be filled with bad power-ups and you won't get good power-ups anymore.

For almost all the bad power-ups, there are strategies for using them at the right time. For example, the 'Elevator', a power that adds 3 lines of X Blocks, should be used only when you know you can align 3 bombs on the floor during the current turn. This way all the X Blocks will disappear.
Some bad power-ups are not as bad as they look, you can take advantage of them. I'll detail this aspect in a future post about power-ups ^^.

Did you notice you can buy some good power-ups at the beginning of the game (Level 0) with the coins you earned?
03-09-2014, 04:21 AM
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I'd love to try if it's still not too late (I'll download it on 20th anyways), clean and simple graphics + puzzle gameplay is just irresistible for me!

03-09-2014, 04:31 AM
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Just sent you a PM
03-09-2014, 05:18 AM
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Ahh I see now about the patterns that get rid of blocks, I also wondered why squares weren't budging lol.
03-09-2014, 05:44 AM
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So far really enjoying the game!!! Quick first impressions when it's still fresh in my mind,

- The art style and presentation is great, that finger in the tutorial cracked me up!
- The game itself is addicting and easy to play on the go, I'm sure I'll sink more time into it in coming days and weeks! The pacing is nice where the player will feel some pressure of dying couple minutes in but still manageable(until I hit that X button and all went to hell). I'm not that good yet so I'll let you know more when I can actually start building combos and such.
- I have no problems understanding the special blocks after reading the tutorials.

- I got confused on how exactly to clear the normal blocks, initially I thought putting together same colored blocks of 3 in any direction will work. But then stacks of 4 in a square starts to build up and I had to watch the tutorial again (in complete focus) to get it.
I think part of it also comes from the nature of clearing block, where it also takes away anything next to the line of 3 if it's the same color. I immediately related this game to Puyo Puyo, instead of Dr.Mario.

- Since the reaction isn't instantaneous (you have to put all 4 sets down to see what will happen), I think it might help the players to highlight the blocks they've just placed down so they can track their strategies easier.

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03-09-2014, 10:59 AM
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I would love to try the game!

03-18-2014, 12:26 PM
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Thanks szu75 for your feedback!

I think it might help the players to highlight the blocks they've just placed down so they can track their strategies easier.
That's a good idea, we'll think about it!

Let's talk about the modes.

PILE includes 3 game modes: Classic, Missions and Special.

The Classic mode is the only one available when you install the game. The player has to survive as long as possible across 21 levels with a progressive difficulty.


As you can see, the game starts with only 4 colors. The other blocks are added one at a time across the levels. For example, the bomb blocks appear at level 3 and the yellow blocks at level 6. You'll earn coins after each game (depending on the level you reached, the number of combos you did and so on).

In Missions mode, there are 35 puzzles that we designed carefully. Some missions ask you to solve a puzzle in a limited number of turns, some ask you to survive a few minutes with a new line at the bottom at each turn, etc.


To unlock the Missions mode, you just have to reach the level 6 in Classic mode. You'll earn coins once you succeed at a mission, which will allow you to unlock the next missions.

All the missions are quite hard!

The Special mode can be unlocked with 150,000 coins, which means you have to reach level 21 in Classic mode and/or succeed in almost all the missions. It's a mode designed for hardcore gamers