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07-08-2014, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by frisbee10461 View Post
Winzzz writes:

"Thankfully i have finished the game.i hope they would add league vi.dunoo what to do now just playing tournament to find item."

Here are some suggestions:

1. Go through all incomplete tourneys and complete them.
2. Knowing that an update is going to cost you some money, I would use this time to stock up some major cashola. This way, you will be able to afford the equipment when it comes.
3. If you dare, why not accept my challenge in the Social arena?

1.yeah thats the only thing i can do at the moment.but the prized item isnt too good.for example the golden set item cant compete with mazovian and green lance.kinda lost motivation now hahaha
2.almost all my main item for each level are maxed out.whats the point of having more money now.
3.you mean echelon tournament ? You know were playing against bot with riddiculously stats there.you can find lots of complaints about that on gameloft forum
07-10-2014, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by frisbee10461 View Post
Hello, all! frisbee10461 here!

Presently, I am a knight in League V, and I just defeated the third boss, so there are two bosses to go.

Of the 589 jousts, I have completed 511 of them.

With that said, I would like to provide guidance to those of you who may be struggling a bit in this fantastic game. Hope these tips help.

1. Easier is better. In terms of the lance and horse, I would get the items that have a rating of Easy. As a result, you will be more accurate and faster, which will result in more gold and faster advancement.

2. Red is better than blue. It is extremely difficult to achieve the top three slots in the Social tournaments, and you can earn more coins by not going for the horns. Here is how. Let's say there is a level 1 opponent with five stars and a level 5 opponent with one star. You can get more coins by facing the level five opponent, even if you are less horn"y".

Also, as the goal is to advance, I use the red seals primarily, and the blue seals as "time fillers" while waiting for the reds to replenish.

3. Increasing royal seals is the way to go. Presently, my special attribute is for the Royal Seals to increase by 5 [to 11]. As a result, whenever I log in [every 80 minutes or so], I have 11 opportunities to advance. Also, as only seven minutes are required to generate a new red seal, usually this means a few more will generate before I am done.

4. Take the path of least resistance. If there are two paths, and one is easier, take that one. Examples of more difficult paths are the secondary paths where you must get a perfect hit to advance or you must use some inferior loaner equipment.

5. Be not afraid of four- or five-star opponents. Here is the bottom line. If you can advance without upgrading, it is better to do so. So, if you can advance only via a perfect hit, or spend a lot of time grinding, it is quicker to get that perfect hit. However, if you are defeated, even with a perfect hit, that is the time to upgrade.

6. Train, train, and train. Training keeps you sharp and rich, so why not do it. Also, keep in mind that some earlier training areas earn you more gold than later ones, so keep your eye on the maximum gold you can earn when choosing a training area.

7. Stop and smell the roses. To extend your playing time, don't be so quick to go on to the next bout after emerging victorious. There is a lot of great artwork that you are missing by doing so.

Does anyone want to add their tips?

Great advices and thank u for them!! Can u please help me with my problem? I am stuck in third tournament because I can't get high speed.. And it is the first time that there isn't another path. I get all perfect with perfect start and still don't get it.. I changed horses also. What am I doing wrong?

P.s. I got lance of purity. Great one : )

07-12-2014, 03:21 AM
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Maybe u need to upgrade your equipment.
07-14-2014, 05:52 AM
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I just wanted to add a few comments on the rival knights game.

I have a 16gb Iphone 4s, and this game makes the phone raise its temperature to unbelieveable levels, I'm guessing because of the work the screen is doing, and processor etc.

Anyway, it heated up to such a degree over the weekend, that it damaged the wifi connection on the phone. I didn't connect the two initially, and it may be a coincidence, but the wifi connection on Iphones cuts out at a certain temp. Resolutions include cooling it down in a freezer, which did the trick for an hour or two, then it went back up in temp.

Various forum and google solutions recommended raising the temp of the phone and then cooling it down again.

I've then gone through serveral full phone resets, backed up back from the cloud, etc, and so far so good. But I am pinning the blame on that game, I've never seen a game regularly crash as this one does, I get the feeling it should be restricted to iphone 5 and above.
07-14-2014, 09:10 AM
Game Ending + A Question

You will notice in my signature that it states I have defeated the big boss [sort of]. Here is the reason why:

After you defeat the final boss, there is a truckload of dialogue as to how you are going to be invited to this big mack-daddy party, and the peasant girl is surprisingly a princess. Then, after you press Next, the game crashes, so the final boss is the last one to face [again and again].

If you do not want to see how the game ends, please do not highlight the Spoiler tag. For the Rival Knight developers, is the glitch at the end of the game deliberate, or you are planning on fixing it for the next update?

08-15-2014, 10:59 AM
Game crashes

Hi, my game keeps crashing. It loads up just fine, I can even compete against other players for prizes and in the social tournaments. I can enter the story mode and manage my equipment but it crashes every time that I hit "play".

I'm on an iPad Air, running iOS 7.1.2, and I'm in the fifth league if any of that helps. I've deleted and reinstalled the app and also change my equipment and league. Still crashes anytime I try to play the story. Any advice?
09-19-2014, 02:05 PM
Completed Update

Hello, all!

I completed the update, and the final boss is at level 610. Wow, what a cool feature. Here is what happens when you win:

When you win, your ID is sent to the Rival Knights admins. If you are one of the first 25 people to finish the update, your name is included as the name of an upcoming adversary.
10-15-2014, 07:13 AM
Game Impressions

I'm loving the game. It does heat up my device. Only thing I can't understand is: I can't, by the life of me, figure out how some players have OBSCENE values of armor in league 1,2 or even 3. I'll add some screenshots. By all means, I dont have all my gear fully upgraded, but having over 1k armor in league 1, when max from (ingame gear) doesnt even reach that amount is fishy. All my gear (atm ) is from the market and upgraded to max. I have only the top armors from each league (the last ones from league 1, before entering league 2 lets say). Do those people have custom gears or something? Like won on some different tournaments?

Here's another one : 24k armor in league 2...You have to be joking :|
12-04-2014, 09:32 PM
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Another example of a good game ruined by terrible design.
A jousting game that requires CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION? Lol wtf? You need an internet connection to battle AI enemies? This game should be 99% offline, only time it should need a connection is if you PvP.
Also the game downloads unknown files EVERY SINGLE TIME I start the game, slowly filling up my device. It also needs like 400mb of extra space to even run for absolutely no known reason. If your free space is below that it'll say "running out of disk space" and the game will not launch. This is AFTER downloading all the crap it does.
The IAP model is also extremely aggressive. Within 10 minutes of playing it already tells me I can't play anymore and have to wait for the damn timer to recharge. You can only play 6 rounds before having to wait, and it takes likes an hour to recharge all 6 energies, is this some kind of joke? 5 minutes of gameplay and 1 hour of waiting? It also randomly eats the "PvP" energy by saying "results are not sent to server", which means that I just battled for absolutely nothing, no there is nothing wrong with my connection. Pure bullsh*t.
Once you advance past the first league it the ONLY determining factor of winning a match is whether or not you score a critical hit. You can have a perfect start and all 7 perfect speed boosts, and you'll still lose if you don't score a perfect hit. This is from relatively equalized equipment.
The so called "PvP" battles are actually just battles against AI, there's nothing "PvP" about it. All equipment are so-called "equalized", but this is bull. You'll come across certain 4-star level fights where it's 100% impossible to win because you are given completely inferior equipment than your opponent (50% weaker armor and 50% weaker horse). Even if you score a perfect start, all 7 perfect whips and a perfect hit, you'll STILL lose. Personally tested this many times. Absolutely ridiculous.

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