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In Police Patrol Game, the player assumes the role of a rookie police officer and progresses on his career by completing various missions.

Police Patrol Game consists of a free roaming mode and a dispatcher mission mode.

In free roaming mode, the player can perform traffic stops and pull over any suspiciously behaving vehicle. In Dispatcher mode, missions are available through the AFPD dispatcher.

Main Features:
* Dispatcher Missions.
* Free Roaming Mode.
* Multiple vehicles with unique characteristics.
* Weapons: taser, shotgun, automatic shotgun, assault rifle, heavy assault rifle and riot gun.

eriihine's comments:
Hey all!

Police Patrol Game is finally released today for iOS!

About the Game

“Police Patrol Game” is a racing and action-oriented adventure game that features Ofc. Chris Kopp as the main character. Chris’s goal is to patrol the streets and ensure that the good citizens stay on the right side of the law.

Graphically, the game is similar to early Grand Theft Auto games (GTA1 & GTA2), and has a top down perspective. The gameplay consists of high-speed chases, arrests, gunfights, and of patrol duty.

Key Features

★ dispatcher missions
★ pull over any non-emergency vehicle
★ gunfights
★ high-speed chases
★ 5 different cop cars (unlocked as player gains rank)
★ 7 different weapons (unlocked as player gains rank)

Official Trailer:

Youtube link | Pop Up


Get out there and patrol the streets!

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09-17-2013, 04:29 PM
i just got this game and am really enjoying it. but i think a bigger variety of missions would really put it over the edge. great work, dev.

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