Official England Football

06-14-2014, 04:51 PM
Official England Football

Hi all!

We've just released Official England Football on iOS in the UK:

This is an officially licensed game for the England football team. This game will only be available in the UK. We have deals in place for official France, Japan and China games, which will be available in those territories. For the rest of the world it will be released as Official Brazil Soccer!

The other variants will be released as soon as they make their way through Apple.

Android and Windows 8 versions will be out in the next few days too.

It's a fun game to play, easy to pick up and get to grips with. It's got a slight retro feel to it, those who've played many of the great side-on football games of the past will feel at home with it.

We've got commentary from the legendary John Motson in there, music from DubFX and a range of game modes to keep you entertained beyond for some time.

During the next few weeks we'll be releasing extra content, such as additional Scenarios, including a special pack just after the World Cup ends.

Here's a brief YouTube clip of it:

We're a new UK based game developer. There are lots of great football games out there already, New Star Soccer, Score, SSC and many more. Hopefully there's room for one more FUN game! The licenses we've got we intend to use beyond just action games. So keep an eye out for more news - the next one will be out at the end of July!

Thanks in advance for your support! Any problems, let us know and we'll do our best to get them fixed up quickly :-)

Team Football
Publisher of Official England Football / Official Brazil Soccer / Official France Soccer / Official Japan Soccer / Official China Soccer on: iOS, Android, Windows8
06-22-2014, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by saansilt View Post
Everytime I see this thread I get paranoid about it being a new spam post with all the world cup dealies going off.
Its kinda funny really.
Certainly not spam! We're legit. Just been a little slow to reply to posts in the last week. Apologies!!


Team Football
Publisher of Official England Football / Official Brazil Soccer / Official France Soccer / Official Japan Soccer / Official China Soccer on: iOS, Android, Windows8
06-23-2014, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by TeamFootball View Post
Personally, I think that review was harsh, as you'd expect we would!

On the same day as that review landed we had a tweet from the developer of New Star Soccer who told us how much he loved the game and was having great fun playing it. And that it reminded him of classic 16-bit football games that he'd grown up playing.

Naturally, it's great to get such glowing feedback from fellow football game developers. As you can see on the UK reviews, we've got a large majority of 5* reviews of people who've enjoyed it.

We've not pitched this game as a FIFA beater, we're realists! Perhaps it was reviewed as such? But what Official England Football (and the rest) is is a good fun football game that will give you entertainment.

Now that we've finally got 4 versions out across 3 platforms we're able to come back and address issues that have been reported. We're just about to upload the first iOS patch which fixes a number of bugs that have been reported thus far, updated the player data and so on.

We've a list of further fixes and improvements that we want to do. So expect further updates beyond this first one! We've not seen some of the issues that the reviewer mentioned, so we'll try and track those down too. It sounds like a couple of issues were thrown up in quick succession which tainted the review.

By the way - the price has been dropped for a while, so now is a great time to download it, play it and give us your feedback

You were right, I just bought it and it is clearly better than what I thought, it's still a bit too easy tho (the IA isn't very smart) and I would love to see a 3rd bottom for centres or through balls but overally, it's good, not perfect but good. Oh and if you're gonna add a few more teams, would be really lovely to have the Philippines and Taiwan ^^ even tho they aren't too good, I'd love to play with Chinese Taipei
06-28-2014, 08:38 AM
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What is the commentary quality like on this?

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