App description: In Monster Shooter, the 10 million times-downloaded smash hit, DumDum rescued his beloved kitty from the clutches of its octoped abductors and everything was peachyfor a while. Alas, those pesky extraterrestrials are back in Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth -- and this time, the entire planet is in danger!

Luckily, youll be able to access an awesome arsenal in Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth, including full Mech Suits capable of taking out an entire army or an entire city block, depending on how good your aim is.

Whats more, you wont have to fly solo this time out, because Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth offers a full co-op mode -- so you and a buddy can take turns showing those moggie-munching monsters whos boss. After all, sharing is caring, right?

So whatcha waiting for? Grab your gun, kiss your kitty and jump into the year's most exciting shooter!

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth has a bevy of fabulous features, including:

Super-sweet HD graphics.
80 unique levels chock-full of monsters, mayhem and alien tomfoolery.
Four (yes, four) destructible environments: Suburbs, City, Desert and Arctic.
20+ different weapons, including a fully-functioning, butt-kicking Mech Suit!
Tons of new enemies + frantic boss battles = non-stop, phone-gripping ecstasy.
Three deep, multi-layered game modes: Story, Survival and Endless. Thats right Endless. Meaning you could play until youre 85. Or get really hungry.
Co-op gameplay mode means both you and a friend can live (or die) with your Mech Suits on!
100+ objective-driven missions. You didnt think the aliens would just roll over and croak, did you?

A spectacular soundtrack composed by Marcin Przybyowicz, he of The Witcher fame. The soundtrack can also be downloaded separately. Yep, we think its that good.

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